Finding Jackson - Zoo
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Mitch and Abe are trying to find Jackson, driving down alleys in search of him. In one particular alley, they are met with a heard of deer. The deer head straight toward -- and over -- their truck. While they put dents into the hood of the truck, they don't break the windshield. What a relief!

The animals were running from Jackson. Jackson who clawed out his tracker. 

They need Jackson, because he's the incubator. Mitch is going to be introducing seven genomic fossils into his DNA. If he rejects it, no more cure. Oh, is THAT all?

Allison and Mitch are at odds. She wants him with her to convince Russia something about the Noah Objective. Mitch wants to get on the road to find Jackson, without whom they have no cure to stop the Noah Objective.

Abe tries to talk Dariela into staying behind because he doesn't know what Jackson is capable of. She acquiesces very easily. It surprises him. She says it's because they are her family now and there is nowhere else she needs to be, holding his hand. I'm still saying it's because she's preggers and wants to protect her baby.

General Davies is on a TV news program assuring the world the TX-14 gas is 100% safe for all humans. It's astounding the world would allow anyone to kill all the animals, no matter how many attacks there were against humans. Because...not enough.

The Russian Minister of Defense is in the kitchen of da plane. When Mitch isn't there with a cure, he decides to move forward with the Noah Objective. 

Mitch and Abe are at a hospital. There are many injured. By Jackson. 

Jamie is being lie detectored by the Russian guy. She tells them what she knows about the cure so far.

Jamie finally admits Mitch and Abe are out looking for a special animal, a man, an infected member of their team.

Ivankoff pulls support for the Noah Objective after verifying Jamie's story with Robert Oz. They spoke on a secure line, which by definition cannot be traced. But in Russia, they trace everything.

Ivankoff has a special tent he carries with him that allows them to penetrate anything. I think. I don't know and I don't care. It's cool.

Abe is getting a little perturbed since they haven't figured out where Jackson is, and he's also scared of the dude, just like a little bird in a cage. 

Jamie calls Robert Oz. Ivankoff traces him to a location just outside Washington, DC. 

Mitch and Abe are using Tweety Bird as their guide to Jackson while Jamie tries to reach them about Robert.

Jackson took Tweety Bird's owner to da plane. Jackson wants her to replace him as the incubator. She has the Ghost Gene, too. But I don't remember where the old lady came from. Am I losing my mind? Mitch doesn't feel right using Mrs. Sullivan for the experiments, but he does it anyway.

Jamie asks her why she kept the bird after the apocalypse started. It was a gift from her late husband. 

The old lady is wise, of course, telling Jamie she knows she'd rather be in danger with loved ones than safe at home and alone.

Allison tells Dariela she's pregnant, which she already knows. She wonders if that's why she stayed back. 

Allison shares with Jamie Ivankoff has convinced two of his cabinet members to vote against the Noah Objective and is optimistic about the others. She also shares she's in love with Mitch and thanks her. Everything happens for a reason.

The old lady has a letter for Abe from Jackson. He says they are not friends. They are much more. Brothers. They always have been. And he forgives him. 

While he's certain Abe will know what he's about to do, I don't. So what's he gonna do?

Robert Oz is gone. In his place at a safehouse is a dead military dude. Davies orders a killshot on Jackson. One second before Jackson grabs the handle of the door to open it, Robert grabs Jackson's hand. The sniper misses his shot (dude ain't a military sniper). We should run.


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Zoo Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Mitch: Reason. You know what his reason would have been?
Abe: What?
Mitch: That he's no longer capable of reasoning.

Mitch: WHAT is more important than Jackson?
Allison: Mass genocide.