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Traveling around the world is easy peasy on Zoo. Abigail has Jackson on a chain in Copenhagen. She thinks he's a bit of a disappointment.

Jackson wants to know why she's spreading hybrids around the world. She doesn't care. He's only there because of his ability to talk with the animals.

Max decides it's time to take care of the biodrive. No more waiting. If it's going to force him to do terrible things, then they need to get rid of it.

Abigail decides to test her theory about Jackson by covering him in antelope blood. A hungry bengal tiger doesn't touch him.

Josh is in Colorado with the IADG. It's the hybrid wall command center.

Dariela and Abe had sex. He's ready to get back to raising his family. Dariela still isn't sold on doing it in the plane.

There's a bit of turbulence right in the middle of doing Max taking care of Mitch's biodrive issues. Since the third pulse can't fix it, his biodrive is initiated and since Abigail says happily it's unexpected, it must mean he's going to be Chuck Duncan.

Meanwhile, Jamie finds hybrids on a plane...of the snake variety. It looks like Max's egg hatched.

Hell breaks loose. Everything on the plane begins to break down and Mitch is temporarily blind. Jamie remembers nothing about the night before.

Abigail continues egging on Jackson in an attempt to get him to reveal how he controls the animals, and it's difficult to tell if he's being truthful or not.

Logan is the voice of the artificial intelligence on the plane.

Nobody remembered Clem's tank. She could lose power. Abe decides to make a decision. Clem stays in the tank even if both she and the baby die. Because that's the dumbest decision ever.

Jamie then reveals there is an emergency generator. Well, AI Jackson does, anyway.

All other things on the plane begin to fail, including you know, engines and avionics.

Chuck doesn't know about Mitch at all. And before the plane can be restarted, the hybrid gets Abe. It looks more like an octopus.

Abigail begins taunting Jackson about the day his wife and son died.

Chuck is keeping Jamie from getting to the switch.

Abe and Dariela are making sushi but make enough they can run to help Jamie.

Oh. No. They don't help. They just strapped in for the crash.

Jackson got angry enough to rouse the tiger, giving Abigail what she needs to communicate with the beacons.

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Max: You just stabbed your girlfriend in the neck with my tranquilizer dart. I think I deserve some answers.
Mitch: Well, I deserved a childhood free from chupacabra stakeouts, but we don't always get what we want.

Max: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It will be terrible. After awhile, it will still be terrible. But it will hurt a little less.
Mitch: That's beautiful. Can I cross-stitch that on a pillow?