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Dariela calls 911 while Abe pursues Abe in their humvee. The 911 operator helpfully refers Dariela to to the web, where she can read the latest Presidential Executive Order.

It's the soldiers against Abe. If they knew who Abe really was, they'd probably let them through.

In his cozy love nest, Jackson watches news about the Federal Gov't authorizing Reiden Globel to quarantine kids under 12 in what Duchovny called an action similar to another civic duty – the draft.

Logan is waiting for Jackson to flip their burgers over a roaring fire as the two chat about Abigail, Jackson's sister. Tess wanders in wondering about the woman, but of course, they're lying to her.

The large text segues are very funny.

Chloe is practicing her pregnancy speech for Mitch. It seems very difficult, but given the whole barren wasteland that is humanity, he might take it a lot better than he would have 20 years ago.

Mitch greets Chloe with the question: any soul rattling news you'd like to share? Chloe decides against it.

It's also the time Mitch learns Grandpa raised Clem from the time she was 14 and he wants to go back in the tank. He glitches on back in the tank, and nobody knows what's going on.

Jonah sent Abe's research to Reiden. Uh oh. Now we know why they took the kids.

Jonah slept with Dariela. It's something we learn as Abe shouts it when strangling him against the house wall. Dariela thought she was helping when she gave it to Jonah. Sorry.

Mitch is trying to determine why he's stroking out. They need to get on into his brain. Smart ass grabs the nearest drill. Let's do it.

Abe calls Jackson about Isaac and the need for another hybrid. They need this hybrid in particular because it communicates at 32 kilohertz. Why that is necessary to convey will only be evident later in the episode.

Logan doesn't give a good shit about any of that.

Jamie, the blogger turned author turned millionaire turned international adventurer can now add brain surgeon to her bag of tricks.

Abe doesn't want to look at Dariela. He's getting all philosophical and wounded about the past.

Jonah's cousin found Isaac and they're arranging a transfer.

While in Mitch's brain, Mitch sees a doohickey and recalls previous brain surgery. He says it's a live current and removing it may do damage. Because drill bit and flashlight aren't.

As Mitch reads off the list of four items he'll need when they land the plane, even Jamie, International Adventuring Brain Surgeon, cannot piece them together.

The kid who is taken to Abe and Dariela? Yeah, it's not Isaac. There is a mixup. That's handy.

Cue the pig grunting on his way into the plane. If he only knew he was about to have brain surgery, he might be squealing.

The cozy trio are out tracking a hybrid. They find one, but it's the wrong one.

Gus Miller started chatting about where the kids were being stored. Yes, he knew Isaac beause he's the one saying his parents were going to rescue them. Nobody believed him, but now he sees Isaac was right.

The little birdy is a lot bigger and stronger than it looked.

Jamie gets a dude in cuffs out to help Mitch. It's a biodrive 1142, devised to collect human thoughts into a collective consciousness. It was a failure. All the test subjects who had the drive installed died after three months.

The program was shut down 13 years ago. Blue Diaspora was the one that created the hybrids. Mitch has no idea what it is, but it's probably why the thing is still in his heads.

The Miller family is super keen on Dariela and Abe. Of course, they're bushwacked right outside of their place and taken. They don't have the opportunity to leave as told. Soldiers are ready to take Abe and Dariela. Oh, it's Duchovny. Bitch, please.

Good! Now we know how it was done. When Jackson tells Tess his real name, he admits his friend created a virus that replaces his image with the doctored image she's seen everywhere.

He tells her what he learned about Abigail, that he couldn't stop his father but maybe he can stop his sister. Tess slaps him in the face. What they had was built on a lie, not a little white one, but a pretty damn huge one.

Mitch decides if Chloe had a good life, then she never needed Mitch. She assures him that what got her through was knowing her father was Mitch Morgan who sacrificed his life to save the world.

Duchovny thinks she's going to have a chat with Dariela and Ave while they have five targets each upon their torsos. She wants to offer them a deal while saying she's not entirely heartless, helpfully showing them a video of his little jail-trapped face.

She wants Clementine. Clem stole intellectual property and she wants it back. I assume that property is her baby.

Mitch had to decide to either keep the bio deal with his memories or have it removed and lose everything he is. He chooses the former with a promise to Clem that they will find a way out of it.

He wants to know if she graduated from High School. And what about what she wanted to say earlier? She still keeps the secret of her pregnancy from her dad, who is recalling the surgery again. It wasn't the best.

He knows where they were when he got the biodrive and they have to go there. How he got all of that from a bloodstained saw I do not know, but who am I to know?

When Jackson and Logan enter the creaky building in the Yucatan, they find Mitch sucking on a lolly. The gang's all here.

Abigail is watching and they're all in a lot of trouble.

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Mitch: Drill firmly and evenly just until the skull pops. Turn it off. Do not drill too far.
Jamie: Until the skull pops. Got it.
Clem: "Got it." Like this is no big deal.

Jamie: OK. What do we do?
Mitch: Land the plane. And I need you to get me four items. Car battery, commercial grade velcro, lollipops and a pig.