11 Female Friendships That Steal The Show

By Yana Grebenyuk at

There are some friendships that stand out in a TV show because of how genuine they feel and how much attention is paid to them. Women sharing meaningful moments with one another consistently is many times a great addition to an already wonderful show, but sometimes those relationships become the core of the show itself.

Below is a list of relationships that steal the spotlight on their respective shows, that is if those friendships aren't already at the forefront of the stories. 

1. Jane, Kat, and Sutton - The Bold Type

The Bold Type is all about the core friendship between Jane, Kat, and Sutton but it would be a crime not to include them anyway. These ladies have a strong friendship that feels very familiar because of how honest it is to each character. The friendship is scene stealing because it can be messy but it is also very supportive at the end of the day.

2. The 100 Ladies - The 100

The 100 is important in the way that all women on the show manage to interact and form bonds with one another. The relationships within the show cover a lot of ground, matching the pacing of the plot itself. But no matter what there are always great friendships to look forward to, with Clarke and Raven being a wonderful example of that. They were brought into each other's lives through a guy but they very quickly ditched him and chose each other. There really is nothing more inspiring than that.

3. Jules and Ophelia - Sweet Vicious

Sweet Vicious was a significant trailblazing show because of the way Jules and Ophelia became real life superheroes together. Acting as vigilantes on their college campus against sexual assailants brought about inspiring and very necessary conversations about sexual assault on campus and the flaws that work against the people that report it. Jules and Ophelia's friendship was pure and was exactly what both they and we as the audience needed.

4. Liv and Peyton - iZombie

True friendship goals include sticking by your best friend's side when they reveal that they somehow ended up becoming a zombie. Liv and Peyton have been through a lot but the way they support one another no matter what is what matters. And if Liv didn't judge Peyton for being interested in the guy who ruined her life with one scratch then their friendship really is stronger than most.

5. The Core Five - Pretty Little Liars

Nothing brings people together like recurring stalkers looking to blackmail and torture them. Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Alison, and Aria went through a ridiculous amount of stress and near death experiences but through it all they always had each other.

6. Sam and Coco - Dear White People

Sam and Coco's relationship had its own journey in Dear White People, and it had to be one of the many strong parts of the show. Their friendship took a hit but they still always had that connectio so getting to see them restore things between them was incredible and a depiction of a realistic friendship.

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