11 Most Disappointing TV Shows of 2017

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Winter and spring television seasons are the most crowded.

Maybe that's the reason they also deliver the most duds. 

It's not even April yet, and we have more than enough disappointments to get us through the entire year, with another couple of hands full of new programs yet to air this spring!

Some of the series' misfortune comes because there seems to be an impasse between critics and viewers, and a critical review could mean viewers never see a show, but those who do fall in love with it. What does that even mean?

Do you agree or disagree that the following 11 programs were disappointments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


1. 24: Legacy - Fox

24: Legacy - Fox
There were big hopes for this reboot with a stellar cast and the writing team back on board to usher in a new hero in place of Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer. The performances feel phoned in, probably because the story is dismal. Fox definitely didn't sign up this.

2. Emerald City - NBC

Emerald City - NBC
Have any attempts (outside the original Wiz) been successful at reproducing the magic of OZ since the original Wizard of Oz? Nope. Not a one, and Emerald City was no exception. Even with three witches and Toto the former police dog, the ratings never caught up with the expectations.

3. Doubt - CBS

Doubt - CBS
This is a tough one. Was Katherine Heigl set up to fail? Only two episodes aired before the series was pulled, but the show received no promotion beforehand. It wasn't The Good Fight, but it wasn't awful either. It was a disappointment no matter how you look at it now, though.

4. Time After Time - ABC

Time After Time - ABC
Freddie Stroma from UnREAL and Josh Bowman from Revenge make quite the pair, but two handsome gents do not a show make. Maybe viewers are already tired out from too much time travel. The source material is good stuff, but viewers aren't flocking to Time After Time, and critics aren't giving it a break, either. Maybe HG Wells can go back in time and fix it?

5. Star - Fox

Star - Fox
Hoping to cash in on the popularity of Empire with a similar formula, Star was born of Lee Daniels. While Hakeem's girl group was one of the most exciting aspects at one time on Empire, none of that excitement transferred to Star, and viewers took a break while they waited for Empire to return. Still, Star earned a renewal. Second Star is a charm?

6. Training Day - CBS

Training Day - CBS
Looking across this list, the number of reboots, rebirths or new takes on old material proves Hollywood is either out of ideas or hoping to strike gold with intellectual property it already owns and doesn't have to pay much to play with. Training Day was a lot different than the movie, lighter and more comedic. The late Bill Paxton was having a good time. The "late Bill Paxton" tells the tale of the future of Training Day.

7. Taken - NBC

Taken - NBC
A Viking turned young Liam Neeson movie character must have seemed like a no-brainer. But Taken movies were pulpy goodness because it was a kick watching the older Neeson as a one-man killing machine who needed nobody's help. Watching Clive Standen's take on Bryan Mills as he learns how to be a member of a team (which are not the particular set of skills we were hoping to discover) is a letdown. Set him free?

8. Victoria - PBS

Victoria - PBS
Victoria was quite good. The unfortunate thing about the show is PBS hoped it would be its new Downton Abbey, and it was overshadowed by Netflix's The Crown. As such, Jenna Coleman's performance as Young Queen Victoria practically flew under the radar, which was disappointing indeed.

9. Powerless - NBC

Powerless - NBC
Powerless has a great premise when TV shows and movies are overtaken at the moment with superheroes. What about the people who have to live in the cities that are continually destroyed by those damn heroes? Remember when Felicity flattened a city with a nuke on Arrow? Powerless has a great cast, too. Problems so far seem to be incredibly odd scheduling and a failure to buckle down and write for the concept. Do it!!

10. Iron Fist - Netflix

Iron Fist - Netflix
This is just sad. With all the good Netflix has done for the Marvel Universe, this one got tied up issues that should have been non-starters, and then the conversation that accompanied those were on a slick, icy downhill path to so many feet in so many mouths it may never recover. The issues may or may not have clouded true critical reviews, but at this point, critics hate it even if the audience appears far opposite. Time will tell if all press is good press.

11. APB - Fox

APB - Fox
The people who hated Iron Fist probably hated APB, too. Gadgets are the name of this game, but even with the good cast, it's another show critics panned. Those who viewed it, though, loved it. That's a common theme, and no matter how you slice it, it means some potential viewers will never tune in, thus never knowing if they'd like it or not. Not a good combination, you guys. Disappointing, to say the least.

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