11 New Shows We Cannot Wait to See!

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We are TV Fanatics!!

There's nothing we like to do better as a group than chat about television and we've compiled our list of the shows we're most excited to see for the upcoming season.

The trailers for the most highly anticipated fanatic-driven series are below. Now you can tell us if you agree or disagree with our choices and weigh in on what you would have bumped or added to the list to make it more complete. 

Talk TV with us. It's what we do!

1. Heroes: Reborn on NBC

I am looking forward to Heroes: Reborn. It may have had a terrible final season, but I am hoping they can capture the magic from the first season and make the series fresh again. – Samantha

2. Containment on The CW

Containment!! Chris Wood, my home city under quarantine for a deadly virus outbreak, and the promise of some forbidden love along the way (because they can't have physical contact)! Yeah, I'm ready for that. – Miranda

3. The Grinder on FOX

I'm really excited for The Grinder. I love Rob Lowe and Fred Savage and the trailer looks really funny. It doesn't have the best name, but I still have high hopes for it! – Stacy

4. The Catch on ABC

The Catch! I was pretty much sold when I heard it was a Shondaland production, but then I saw the trailer and I was 1000% on board. This should be another fabulous show full of mystery, intrigue and tons of twist and turns. – Whitney

5. OIL on ABC

OIL! Though the name might be a bit rubbish, but the show looks really good. It will fit well into ABC's Sunday night and looks like it will be a mad power struggle for oil. I couldn't be more excited. Hello Dallas 3.0. – Paul

6. Grandfathered on FOX

I'm looking forward to Grandfathered because of John Stamos – shallow, I know, but the man is absolutely gorgeous and I do enjoy him as an actor. It also looks like a fun show to watch. – Samantha

7. Wicked City on ABC

It won't start until winter, as a bridge series for Quantico's hiatus on ABC between fall and spring, but I'm all about the period dramas, so give me some Wicked City. The new anthology series will set it's first case in 1982 Hollywood on the Sunset Strip. Rock -n- roll, drugs, crime, and detectives? Yes please!! Starring Ed Westwick and Erika Christensen and a sort of Bonnie and Clyde couple, I absolutely cannot wait! – Carissa

8. Supergirl on CBS

I'm most excited for Supergirl! While many on the internet picked apart the first look, I thought showing Kara's nerdy alter-ego was great. The first look gave us a great look at the cast involved including Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant and Mehcad Brooks (who will always be "Eggs" from True Blood to me) as Jimmy Olsen. Add the awesome cast to the fact that I'm a huge fan of The Flash and Arrow, and the end result is that I can't wait to see Supergirl this fall! – Jim

9. DC's Legends of Tomorrow on The CW

DC's Legends of Tomorrow – Some of the best episodes of Arrow and The Flash this season were the crossovers. What's not to love about a thirteen episode television series that's like one massive crossover event?

Not only does this new spinoff feature characters we're familiar with like The Atom, Firestorm, Captain Cold, Heat Wave and the resurrected White Canary, but we're going to meet time-traveler Rip Hunter, Hawkgirl and DC super-villain Vandal Savage. Plus, Oliver Queen and Barry Allen's alter egos will be dropping by to join the fun. Did I mention time-travel comes into play? Yeah, I can't imagine a better time to be a superhero fan. – Hank

10. Scream Queens on FOX

It may be because I just watched all of the Scream movies, but the trailer for Scream Queens looks great. It has a wonderful amount of cheesiness and has a pretty impressive cast – hello, Jamie Lee Curtis! Even though Ryan Murphy has disappointed me in the past, I am surprisingly looking forward to Scream Queens – I'll even put up with Emma Roberts. – Samantha

11. People Are Talking on NBC

People Are Talking. Its trailer is so incomprehensibly awful, one can only imagine NBC is aiming for the first-ever Unintentionally Comedic Sitcom in TV history. This thing makes 2 Broke Girls look like Arrested Development. I'm totally in. – Matt

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