11 Predictions for the American Gods Season 2 Finale

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It may seem odd to try to be making predictions for a show based on a novel published nearly twenty years ago but American Gods Season 2 has taken some considerably creative detours in its preparation for Mr. Wednesday's war.

That being the case (and with the real-life drama behind the scenes at Starz), it's really anyone's guess how they'll wrap up the season.

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And that makes things VERY interesting, indeed.

Despite taking some dramatic license with the source text, American Gods Season 1 was generally a solid introduction to the American manifestations of the Old World Gods -- Odin, Anansi, Anubis, Vulcan -- as well as the New World Gods -- Globalization, Technology, and Media.

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Season 2 has seen Media reborn as new Media, Technical Boy "retired," and an entire new battalion of Old Gods marching onto the battlefield.

Best-laid plans have been blown away multiple times, sometimes by a hail diner ambush bullets and other times in a shower of golden sun coins. 

So with all bets off (except that Shadow will continue to be at the center of it all) we present a few possible ways the season finale may roll.

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American Gods Season 2 Episode 8, the season finale, premieres on Starz on Sunday, April 28, in the U.S. and will be available the day after the U.S. broadcast in Canada and internationally on Amazon Prime Video.

1. Bilquis Picks a Side

Bilquis Picks a Side
Despite her dogmatic stance that love and war have no business with each other, it's hard to imagine the Queen of Sheba sitting out the battle to come. It doesn't mean, however, that she'll side with Old or New Gods. There's a good chance she'll pick mortals as, of all the gods we've seen so far, she is the most connected to her worshippers and they would probably suffer the most from a supernatural war.

2. Czernobog Won't Lose At Checkers Again

Czernobog Won't Lose At Checkers Again
The times for games is over and when Czernobog returns to the screen to avenge Zorya, he and his hammer will be all business. Since Mr. Town, the head goon who carried out the attack on the Motel America diner, most likely died in the train derailment, he'll have to climb the ladder to Mr. World himself.

3. Donar's Death Gets Meaning

Donar's Death Gets Meaning
This is less of a prediction and more of a prayer. American Gods Season 2 Episode 6 was an entertaining little diversionary tale of Wednesday's past and how his relationship with his son, Donar (aka Thor), ended. However, in the grand scheme of the season, it sticks out like a sore thumb. We don't know who killed Donar, how they killed him, or why he was killed. I dearly hope the finale answers at least one of those Ws.

4. Dead Wife Without Leprechaun Does Something New

Dead Wife Without Leprechaun Does Something New
Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney spent a LOT of time together in American Gods Season 2. Initially, he sticks with her in hopes she'll return his lucky coin to him. Then, when she clearly won't give it up until she's truly alive again, he puts her in touch with Baron Samedi in New Orleans to help her get resurrected. After that, American Gods Season 2 Episode 5 went totally voodoo-nuts and they somehow end up having sex with each other on the astral plane thanks to Samedi and Brigitte's special connection.

Now that Sweeney's gone himself the way of the dead, Laura's got a coin with no owner and a resurrection potion with no love-infused blood. Dead Wife has to forge her own path and with Mama-Ji's advice ringing in her ears, she will be a wild card in the power struggle to come.

5. Mr. Nancy Flies His Rage Flag

Mr. Nancy Flies His Rage Flag
Orlando Jones has been a supernatural force of godly intent on American Gods Season 2. Despite throwing in with Wednesday and the Old Gods, he has been working a side gig with Mr. Ibis and Bilquis, promoting a personal agenda to right the injustices done to their followers of African descent. While Wednesday tends to the calm, nonchalant approach, Nancy is a simmering brew of sarcasm and deep rage. He may fight for the Old Gods while the New Gods are a threat but he will not bend the knee to the European Gods but rather stand as equals. That may be a problem.

6. Mama-Ji the Destroyer Lets Loose

Mama-Ji the Destroyer Lets Loose
After the death of Zorya, Wednesday puts his best foot forward in courting the allegiance of Mama-Ji, counting on her to be one of the generals on the battlefield. Despite her domesticated appearance, she reveals her Kali face to Laura when Shadow's dead wife presumes that her revenant powers hold a candle to the Hindu goddess of destruction. Perhaps it is the subtle way she manifests her multiple arms and weapons, or perhaps it's seeing her holding Laura's own decapitated head that sets Ms. Moon's proper respect in place. If the finale has any battle scenes in store, Mama-Ji is guaranteed to be the bloodiest participant of them all.

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