11 Reasons To Watch NBC's Superstore

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7. The Important Conversations

The Important Conversations
When you have a show that deals with everyday issues, especially with employees of a big box store, conversations can get real. Superstore opens its discussions up to cover topics like racism, being undocumented, healthcare, maternity leave, pregnancy, and so much more. Each character offers up a unique view to a discussion, allowing there to be genuine conversations that reflect people of all different walks of life.

8. The Friendships

The Friendships
The people on Superstore spend so much of their time together, there is no one they can't be considered a family by now. It isn't about that being implied though, it is shown in the way that they look out for each other. Glenn is a strong example of that in the way that he time and time again stands up for his workers, thinking about them over corporate. Superstore has created an environment of love, even if people there can bicker or disagree on things. At the end of the day, there are those significant bonds that the audience can point to and say the development created in a beautiful way.

9. The Halloween Episodes

The Halloween Episodes
Superstore manages to take on themed episodes and make them their own, taking the opportunity to try something new each year with Halloween. But yet there are some traditions that always remain, like Jonah wearing a costume that no one understands or asks him about.

10. The Relevance

The Relevance
Superstore allows its audience to see themselves in the show in many ways, from the characters to the stories being told to just the quotable dialogue that we are lucky to get. This world feels real because it mirrors so much of what is happening to many of us, while also crafting characters that you would like to be around.

11. This Entire Photoshoot

This Entire Photoshoot
There really is no way to properly describe the photoshoot that Mateo has Dina do for her Christmas card, which quickly takes a turn. It is safe to say though that you just need to catch up with the show so you can see the wide variety of pop culture-inspired costume changes that Dina goes through and how amazing they are.

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It was nice of corporate to wait an entire week before they reminded us we're just as replaceable as Mateo.


Jonah: I think he likes Taylor Swift.
Cheyenne: No, he's back to hating her again.