12 Recent TV Deaths We Still Aren't Over

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7. Nicholas Brody (Homeland)

Nicholas Brody (Homeland)
After so many near misses, (a suicide vest, a possible CIA assassination attempt, the bombing in Langley) we really wondered if Brody could avoid the grim reaper once again. But a tragic life led to a tragic death as it all ended with a betrayal and a public hanging. After all of that suffering, we hope Nicholas rests in peace at last.

8. Joss Carter (Person of Interest)

Joss Carter (Person of Interest)
Just when fans thought that Detective Fusco might meet an untimely end, Person of Interest threw them a curve as beloved cop Joss Carter was the one to die. It was one of the most shocking and emotional moments in the series history.

9. Heather Brooks

Heather Brooks
Heather Brooks was played by the beloved Tina Majorino. Did she have to leave us so soon?!?

10. The Starks

The Starks
It was the most shocking episode in Game of Thrones history. Rest in peace, Lady Catelyn; Robb Stark; and Queen Talisa.

11. Sophie Deveraux

Sophie Deveraux
Poor Sophie Deveraux. Her Harvest Festival prophecy proved to be true... and yet she paid the ultimate price for it.

12. Moira Queen

Moira Queen
Moira Queen sacrificed herself to save her kids. It doesn't get any more noble than that.

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