11 Shows That Need an Orphan Black Clone

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7. Empire / Sarah Manning

Empire / Sarah Manning
Sarah’s willingness to do anything to protect her family – from foster brother Felix, to daughter Kira, to her sisterhood of clones – is a trait she shares with tough-as-rhinestone-studded-nails Cookie Lyon, the matriarch of the melodramatic musical family at the center of Empire.

These two women are supremely street smart and take B.S. from no one. Both have been absent from their children’s lives at certain points and find themselves struggling to make up for the time that they missed, unable to fully convey to their sometimes bitter kids that everything they have ever done – even the really bad stuff – has been to protect them. Who wouldn’t want to see these flawed but utterly fantastic ladies team up to take down Lucious Lyon?

8. Wayward Pines / MK

Wayward Pines / MK
Season two of Wayward Pines has suffered a bit with the departure of season one star Matt Dillon; the show needs another steely-eyed seeker of truth to continue digging up the dirt on this bizarre little town. Highly suspicious of everyone and impossible to shake from an investigation, MK would be an ideal choice.

Her skills with computers would be useful in uncovering the secrets that remain hidden away – not to mention ensuring that the electric fence and other security tech remain up and running, keeping the town safe from the monstrous Abbies wandering the world outside.

9. Marvel's Jessica Jones / Tony Sawicki

Marvel's Jessica Jones / Tony Sawicki
Transgender clone Tony made a one-off appearance in season two that didn’t serve much more of a purpose than to stretch Tatiana Maslany’s considerable skills as an actress to their limit. One wonders if we’ll ever see him again, and if we do, whether he’ll have a bigger role that more prominently affects the plot of the show.

Until then, I wouldn’t mind seeing Tony on a show like Marvel’s Jessica Jones. That show’s talented writers have deftly handled sensitive topics before; one imagines they could tell the story of Tony’s transition while also giving him more to do than just be a token. His criminal record might make him a good source of insider advice for P.I. Jessica Jones, and goodness knows she could use a few more trustworthy people in her corner, especially now that Luke Cage has gone off to his own show.

10. Top Gear / Katja Obinger

Top Gear / Katja Obinger
Look, I just really want more Katja. We got a badass, punk rock German clone and they took her away from us after one scene? Give Katja her own show. Or at least put her on the new version of Top Gear alongside fellow badass German woman, racecar driver Sabine Schmitz.

Top Gear has a history of being too much of a boys’ club for its own good; some gender equality among hosts could go a long way towards adjusting that balance. Even better: Katja as the new Stig, anyone?

11. Parks and Recreation / Nadia Stasky

Parks and Recreation / Nadia Stasky
Nadia’s smart, snarky sense of humor would have fit in well among the quirky residents of Pawnee, Indiana. She might have even been a good romantic fit for a similarly sassy character like Tom Haverford if she wasn’t destined to depart to Rwanda with Doctors Without Borders...wait, did this actually happen? Never mind.

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