11 Shows That Would Have Worked Better On Cable

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There are some TV shows that are wasted on broadcast TV. 

Broadcast television is notorious for having more episodes of shows, therefore it results in a more diluted experience. 

With people waiting longer for reveals, they lose interest. 

There's also the fact that some shows on broadcast just can't go as graphic as they want to and it sucks. 

We've compiled a list of 11 shows that would have been better suited to cable.

1. Revenge

ABC's sudsy drama struggled to fill full seasons. It would have benefited from a much more concise story by moving over to a cable network like TNT and having a limit of 10 episodes per season. It could have served as a solid companion for Dallas and would probably have resulted in both shows still being on the air today. They also could have went more dark with the psychological elements of Amanda's character. A few swear words from Madelaine Stowe's Victoria Grayson would have fit the bill.

2. Hannibal

NBC's Hannibal really wouldn't need many creative changes. The reason it failed on broadcast was that it was a show built for a niche audience. The subject matter was always something that should have been on cable and had it started there, it would probably thriving on right now.

3. Quantico

Quantico tried too hard to be like other ABC hits. It so desperately wanted to be part of TGIT, but ABC left it to heat up their Sunday night schedule. It was originally envisioned as a 13 part limited series, with the option of continuing for further seasons. Had it been on the likes of USA network, the pointless relationship drama would have been trimmed out and made the series infinitely more intriguing. Who really cares about who the recruits are sleeping with?

4. The 100

Producers of The 100 confirmed that they had to make The 100 fit in with The CW brand and that meant throwing in contrived relationship plots. There was a time when people associated The CW with teen dramas, but now it's becoming the superhero network. The 100 is a rare gem that is unlike anything else on television. It could thrive on like the likes of Syfy for several more years and the show could be paired with shows that actually fit into the genre.

5. Containment

The CW's Containment just seemed so off brand for the network. It was only picked up to keep Julie Plec happy, but could you imagine if it went to Showtime? It would have had a much better cast, darker plot and the chance of continuing on for another few years. I'm not saying all of the cast were bad. A select few were fantastic, but they just didn't do the show much justice. It probably didn't help that the show was super expensive.

6. Reign

Reign is just all over the place on The CW. The White Queen looked visually stunning on Starz. Would it have killed The CW to throw some money Mary Queen Of Scot's way? I'm pretty sure I witnessed someone wearing a hoodie on Reign. The show just comes across as cheap. No wonder the leads are dropping like flies.

7. Lonestar

Lonestar never did get much of a chance. It lasted two episodes before the plug was pulled. It would have been much better fit for the likes of FX. It was a sexy drama that could have helped bring the younger demographics over. The pilot had all the ingredients of a hit series, it just couldn't survive on broadcast TV.

8. The Following

The Following was one of those shows that would have benefited from a new case every single season. Fox destroyed The Following by having the Joe Carrol storyline extend into the sophomore run of the show. It didn't help matters that the bulk of the episodes had filler going on. 15 episodes were way too much per season. The show would have worked much better over on FX.

9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Fun fact: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was originally meant to air on Showtime, but it was sent to The CW and probably watered down. The show just doesn't appeal to the masses, but it could have been a cult classic on a cable network. Showtime would probably take the show back just based on the awards love the show gets.

10. Braindead

A show about bugs taking over the brains of the people in power inside the White House was always going to be a hard sell for viewers. CBS is NOT the best channel for the series and it sounds like something that should be on the likes of HBO, possibily paired with Veep.

11. Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars was way before its time. It had rave reviews, but that didn't result in an audience that could sustain the show. A cable move would have meant the show could take more risks and wouldn't have had the same bar for success.

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