11 Times Superstore Tackled Real-World Issues

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Superstore may very well be the most underrated show of our generation. 

It's simultaneously smart and funny, and manages to make up for what other TV programs lack.

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While many series are too afraid to address the everyday problems happening in our society, Superstore tackles them head-on, while still keeping the comedic aspect of the show alive. 

We created a slideshow below of 11 times Superstore tackled real-world issues! 

1. When An Abortion Debate Broke Out

Mistakingly thinking Sandra is pregnant, Glenn tries to guilt her out of having an abortion. Jonah overhears the conversation between Sandra and their boss and immediately jumps to her defense.

2. When Mateo Was Taken By ICE

Mateo has been struggling with his status as an undocumented immigrant throughout the entire series. After living in constant fear for years, Mateo was taken during an ICE raid despite his friends' best efforts to hide him.

3. When The Employees Went On Strike

After Glenn gave Cheyenne paid time off to take care of her newborn, he was immediately fired from his position as the store manager. The employees originally walkout to protest Glenn's unfair termination, but it turns into a full-on strike in which the workers try to ask for health care and a liveable wage.

4. When Jonah Had To Work The Gun Counter

Despite being against guns, Jonah is assigned to the gun counter at work. Jonah denies service to everyone who tries to purchase one, which leads to an open carry protest.

5. When Neither Amy Nor Cheynne Could Get Maternity Leave

Since Cheyenne couldn't get maternity leave and couldn't afford to take time off, she ended up giving birth in the store. Amy didn't have it much better, and the day after she returned from the hospital she was forced to go back to work despite being physically and emotionally unwell.

6. When Sayid Carried Around A Binder Full Of Documents

It says a lot that a Syrian refugee feels the need to carry around a binder full of his documents and photos of his "white neighbors embracing him into the community." When ICE raided Cloud 9, Sayaid had everything ready to prove his citizenship.

7. When The Employees Tried To Start A Health Fund

Besides the managers, none of the employees at Cloud 9 make a liveable wage. They're also not offered health insurance and have to pay for their medical expenses out of pocket. Although Jonah and Amy tried to start a health fund, it inevitably failed since no one could afford it.

8. When They Adressed Racism and Cultural Appropriation

Both racism and cultural appropriation have been addressed multiple times on Superstore. The show always manages to find a way to make viewers laugh, without poking fun at the actual issue itself.

9. When Amy and Jonah Were Treated Differently Because Of Their Genders

Who could ever forget Jonah and Amy's sex tape? Definitely not the employees of Cloud 9. Much to Amy's dismay, Jonah received constant praise for "conquering" her, while everyone else kept their mouth shut around Amy in fear that she would feel ashamed.

10. When The Employees Decide To Form A Union

There was talk of a union beforehand, but Mateo being detained was the final nail in the coffin. Unfortunately, we have no idea how this storyline will play out, but we have the uptmost faith that Superstore Season 5 will do it justice.

11. When Corporate (Continually) Abused Their Power

Corporate has proven on almost every episode of Superstore that they couldn't care less about their employees. They won't let them leave the store in emergency situations, they go to extreme lengths to stop unions from forming, and they offer zero benefits to their employees.

In other words, they see them as nothing more than animals that they use to funnel money into their own pockets.

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