11 TV Ghosts Who Never Said Boo

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Seeking out the ghosts who have become regular characters on TV shows, the more memorable ones aren't terribly interested in scaring the heck out of us.

Not that you'd know that if you took to all the "reality" shows where hunters are out looking for ghosts and apparitions. Their stories are usually about murder and mayhem.

The ones down below? They want to help. Cheer people up. Point lost souls in the right direction. Take a look!

1. Moira - American Horror Story: Murder House

Moira - American Horror Story: Murder House
Moira was both young and hot and older and suffering depending upon when she was being seen and by whom. That's because she died at the hands of a less-than-trustworthy fella. She despises cheaters and sympathizes with women, especially those who are living with men who would fall for her sexy side. I can dig it.

2. Dennis - Angel

Dennis - Angel
Dennis Pearson was murdered by his mother in Cordelia's apartment, and when she refused to move out of the place, the two became roomates, if not more.

3. Sally - Being Human

Sally - Being Human
Sally was killed by her fiance in the house in which she was stuck, and she lived and overcame her confinement with good friends Aidan the vampire and Josh the werewolf. She wants to help everyone and for them to be happy, even if she can't be.

4. Jim - The Ghost Whisperer

Jim - The Ghost Whisperer
The entire series was about dead people and Melinda Gordon's ability to talk to them, but when her husband Jim died, he crossed over into the body of a dying man who could be saved and lived on as a ghost in another man's body. Or something.

5. Captain Gregg - The Ghost & Mrs. Muir

Captain Gregg - The Ghost & Mrs. Muir
Mrs. Muir and her kids move into a seaside house that is inhabited by a previous owner. His immediate disdain turns into love for the lovely Carolyn and her precocious kids.

6. Miranda - Ravenswood

Miranda - Ravenswood
We always knew Ravenswood was a strange town, but on the first night they were there, Caleb's new friend Miranda was killed, returning as a ghost only he could see, at first anyway.

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