11 Really Terrible TV Dads

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7. Byron Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars)

Byron Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars)
Even if we forget the fact that he was being blackmailed and a suspected of murder, getting his child to hide his infidelity will always count against his judgement as a parent.

8. Jimmy Evans (Grey's Anatomy)

Jimmy Evans (Grey's Anatomy)
The former heroin addict and alcoholic abused his wife and kids before abandoning them. We know Alex forgave Jimmy before he died but we can't say he's not better off without dear old dad.

9. David Clarke (Revenge)

David Clarke (Revenge)
We don't know David Clarke's story yet, but what father lets his daughter grow up in a correctional institution believing her father was a terrorist. Emily is a twisted soul but her father helped make her that way.

10. Cyrus Beane (Scandal)

Cyrus Beane (Scandal)
Now that James is gone we worry for that baby because left to his own devices Cyrus can be a power hungry monster. He even came close to murdering his own husband and let a bomb go off during a funeral service. That doesn't exactly scream father of the year.

11. Mikael Mikaelson (The Originals)

Mikael Mikaelson (The Originals)
He's burned countless cities in the hunt for his children and his violent need for power and control led to an inter-species war that's lasted centuries. When you're talking long-term destruction, Mikael's reign of terror over his kids is hard to beat.

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