12 Things We're Looking Foward to on Outlander Season 4

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The #Droughtlander is almost over! 

If you've read Diana Gabaldon's fourth book, Drums of Autumn, you know there are some great moments headed our way. But even if you're in the dark about what's to come, there's a lot to be excited about. 

Here are our top twelve picks to get you hyped for Outlander Season 4.

1. Aunt Jocasta

Aunt Jocasta
Jocasta (Maria Kennedy Doyle) may have never met her sister's son, but that doesn't mean she won't greet him with open arms. Like all the MacKenzies, though, she has her own agenda for Jamie's future. Maria Kennedy Doyle is a perfect fit for the role. She has a history of playing independent women and with wearing corseted gowns.

2. Captain Bonnet

Captain Bonnet
Ed Speelers joins the cast as Captain Stephen Bonnet. He just keeps turning up like a bad penny, interacting with all of our main characters at one point or another. Speelers brings a certain charm to the villain, and he's really rocking that faux facial scar.

3. Rollo

One last new cast member -- Rollo the wolf-dog. Ian's excited about his new point, but don't expect everybody in the Fraser party to be thrilled with their new canine companion. It's hard to imagine this sweet pup can't soften the hardest heart given enough time though.

4. The Clothes

The Clothes
Outlander Season 3 was a little disappointing in its costume selection. Jamie was in rags half the time, and being at sea didn't really allow for much in terms of wardrobe variety for anyone. Colonial couture will be front and center at Aunt Jocasta's and who isn't thrilled about that? This will be costume designer Terry Dresbach's last season with the show, and we should savor her sumptuous creations while we can.

5. Fraser's Ridge

Fraser's Ridge
The setting always plays a significant role on Outlander, and this season won't be any different. Trust the location scouts to have found the most breathtaking views, just not in North Carolina. Yes, somehow the production team convincingly turned Scotland into southern Appalachia. Let's face it; it doesn't matter where it is, so long as we can vacation there.

6. Fergus and His Family

Fergus and His Family
Now that Fergus is all grown up and married, he'll have to find a way to support himself without Milord's help. Who isn't looking forward to Jamie and Claire's surrogate son starting a family of his own? Fingers crossed for some heartfelt moments between our favorite Scot and his favorite Frenchman!

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