12 Times Lethal Weapon Tugged At Our Heartstrings

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7. Are you Crazy?

Are you Crazy?
Trish was worried about all the excitement happening in Murtaugh's life because of Riggs, but she also knew how alive her husband felt by being partnered with Riggs. Even though Riggs tries to come across as crazy, she knows he's not. She made him promise to keep Roger safe, and it's a promise he intends to keep. Trish and Riggs have a very special understand and everything about their relationship warms our heart.

8. Special Bond

Special Bond
Riggs showed his soft side when he took Ethan under his wing. He didn't want to get close to the boy but couldn't help himself. We loved every moment these two were together from their Cheeto-playing game in the cafeteria to their fist bump at the end of the hour.

9. Love you too, Dad

Love you too, Dad
When Roger found out Riane had posted racy pictures of herself on social media, he lost it. She might have been embarrassed by his freak out, but she knows how much her dad loves her even if he has a hard time verbalizing it. We loved this interaction between them. He loves his family and so do we.

10. The Ring

The Ring
Riggs almost lost his life when his car was pushed into the bay, but he also lost his wedding ring as he was swimming back to the surface. He almost went after it, but as difficult as it was, he let it go. We took it as hard as he did.

11. On the Ledge

On the Ledge
After Riggs and Murtaugh saved Cahill's life, she told him she couldn't see him as a patient anymore. It happened just when he was starting to feel comfortable and open up to her. He wasn't having any of it and threatened to jump off the ledge unless she changed her mind. It was a heartwarming moment that showed how important Dr. Cahill had become in Riggs' life.

12. At the Barbershop

At the Barbershop
Roger took Riggs to his old neighborhood for a haircut. Both were having a great time with Roger's buddies. When Roger told his friend to give Riggs the special rate because he was family, it wasn't so much Roger's words that made us shed tears, but Riggs' reaction that did.

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