13 Best Moments From Suits

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Suits has been on the air for seven years and we have many fond moments of the series started with a man becoming a lawyer out of chance. 

Take a look back with us as we run down some of the best moments in the history of the series. 

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1. The Lie

The Lie
Mike found himself in an odd situation while on the run from a drug deal gone wrong. One meeting with Harvey Specter gave him the opportunity to spread his wings and become a lawyer... without actually attending law school. Sheesh.

2. A Death

A Death
Mike's grandmother dying on Suits Season 2 Episode 9 is hands down the most emotional scene of the entire series, but Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams played their part of the story very well. The hug between the pair confirmed their relationship was one that would stand the test of time... even if they were not yet together.

3. The Truth

The Truth
It turns out, Mike telling Rachel the truth about not going to Harvard brought the characters closer together than ever before. They even indulged in some sexy time at the office.

4. Louis Learns About Mike

Louis Learns About Mike
When Louis found himself on the outs from the firm, Mike made a mistake by accidentally saying something about Harvard. This leads to the mother of all showdowns between him and Donna as he realizes that she has been manipulating him.

5. Norma Dies

Norma Dies
Louis was always a character who wanted power, and it was difficult to tell what he was really up to. But the show flawlessly showed us that he had a heart when his assistant died. Despite trying to prove to himself that he was strong, he broke down in one of the show's most shocking moments.

6. Donna Quits

Donna Quits
Donna and Harvey have always had a strong connection, but their relationship went into the depths of despair on the Season 4 finale. Donna finally gave up and quit her job working for Harvey, and she made the move to work with Louis. Oh, the drama.

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