13 Canceled Shows We May Mourn Forever

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Spring is always the saddest time of year. With cancelation announcements, or final seasons ending, some of our favorite shows and characters leave the air, never to be seen again.

The one case that may surprise is Nashville was canceled on ABC on May 12, but it has been revived for Season 5 on CMT.

Below are 13 of our favorite shows – both old and new series – that we are saddest to see the air. You shall be missed.

Be sure to drop your favorite canceled show in the comments, especially if left off of our list!

1. The Good Wife

The Good Wife
The Good Wife was once one of the best shows on television, with complex characters who challenged each other at every turn. That's the show I'm going to miss. The one that approached the law from unique angles and expected viewers to follow along as stories quickly progressed. Alicia, Diane, Cary, Will, the bones of the firms. That's what syndication is for, right?

2. Castle

Yes, the final season wasn’t nearly as good as the rest of the series but that doesn’t mean we won’t miss the show. In its prime time, Richard Castle and Katherine Beckett shared an epic love story. Castle, Beckett, Esposito and Ryan were an amazing team and the show made solving murders as much fun as we’d seen on TV in a long time. That magic will surely be missed.

3. Faking It

Faking It
Faking It's cancellation was surprising and sad. It was such a unique and truly funny sitcom that deserved more time. The diverse cast of characters were so much fun to watch, and while the last season was not as good as the first two, it was still very enjoyable, and at least deserved a proper ending. The show brought funny, yet proper, attention to representation of the LGBTQ+ community, it will definiltely be missed.

4. Limitless

Limitless could have been just another procedural with a twist but it was slacker-turned-genius Brian Finch that sucked us in. After the announcement that Limitless was cancelled across all platforms, we're left wondering what would've been next.

5. Agent Carter

Agent Carter
Agent Carter was a show about a strong, female agent standing up for herself in a male-dominated world. The 1940's. While Daniel Sousa respected her, and eventually fell in love with her, the rest of her peers saw her as nothing more than a secretary, even as she saved their lives AND the world. The show could've led to showing the founding of S.H.I.E.L.D. which Peggy helped to found, tying it more directly into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. than it seemed to ever be.

6. The Mysteries of Laura

The Mysteries of Laura
Laura Diamond's chaotic life drew us into her procedural drama. We wanted to see more of her life with her twins, and what new challenges she would've found at work. Plus, what was next for her and Jake? We need to know!

7. Grandfathered

John Stamos' return to television wasn't bad. His show about a swingin' 50-something bachelor discovering he was a dad AND a grandpa all at once delivered quite a few laugh out loud moments. It's really a shame that it didn't get more time to find its footing.

8. Unforgettable

Unforgettable was a miraculous show, one we'll probably never see again. Carrie Wells, a detective with an usually detailed photographic memory, solved crimes with her Al Burns, her ex-lover and partner. They just made such a good crime fighting team that they were cancelled twice by CBS, and then picked up for a 13-episode final run on A&E before a third and final cancellation.

9. The Grinder

The Grinder
Rob Lowe and Fred Savage were comedy magic together in this smart and fun show about a former tv lawyer who tries desperately to re-capture his tv magic in real life at his brother's firm. We're so sad that the Grinder rests. Plus, it wasn't unappealing seeing Colton Haynes play Rob Lowe's son.

10. Galavant

What a total bummer! This show was such a gem and wasn't treated fairly by it's network. It was crammed into a 1 month period and put up against the football playoffs and every award show ever. It deserved to be showcased, not stuffed into a corner. The cheeky, meta songs and story were delightful, catchy and fun but it also had so much heart. We saw the King grow and become a man. It ended with a couple of cliffhangers that we will never find closure on. It really deserved better and so did Tad Cooper.

11. The Family

The Family
It was an intriguing mystery right from the beginning. The missing child of politician Claire Warren turns up 10 years later, long after everyone believed he was dead. We always expected that perhaps the newly found Adam wasn’t really Adam. What we didn’t expect was that the real Adam was still alive and wanted his life back! We kept wondering how this drama would keep the story going after season 1 but by the time it ended we were left craving more. Unfortunately, with the series being canceled, we’ll never get answers.

12. Manhattan

Set against the race to build the first atomic bomb and win World War II, Manhattan made us look at history in a whole new way. Scientists, their families, and the military, all co-existed on a base in the middle of the desert as they struggled with secrets, lies, and a mission that would change the world. It made for a compelling drama that we will definitely miss.

13. Heartbeat

We didn’t expect much from Heartbeat. The medical show about a dedicated heart surgeon’s professional and personal life didn’t wow us at first but the more we watched, the more we we enjoyed its quirky tone and grew to care about its compelling characters. We can’t say we were surprised when NBC canceled it after one season but we’re not happy about it either.

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