13 Characters We Want to Bring Back From the Dead!

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It's so hard!

When a character on our favorite show dies, we grieve for them and try to move on...but sometimes the show we loved just isn't same without them. 

Whether they were given the ax for plot purposes or because the actor wanted to move on, we really don't care. They lit up our screens, made our favorite show a better place and (logic be damned) we just want them back. 

So, if we had a magic wand, a secret spell, or an in with The Powers That Be, these are the 13 characters we would resurrect from the dead...right now!

1. Will Gardner - The Good Wife

Will Gardner - The Good Wife
When was the last time you saw Alicia smile like that? She was with Will. Was Will Gardner Alicia Florrick’s true love? Maybe, but his death means that the audience…and Alicia, will always be left wondering what might have been if Eli hadn't erased that voice-mail message or if Alicia had made different choices. Both Alicia and Diane never seemed happier than when they were working side by side with Will. His death has left a blanket of sadness over the entire show and if we could bring Will back, we would.

2. Capt. Roy Montgomery - Castle

Capt. Roy Montgomery - Castle
“Our Captain would want us to continue the fight…” But that doesn't mean we don't miss him terribly. Let's face it, we loved Detective Beckett but Captain Becket is boring. Roy Montgomery's death was a pivotal moment for the show. If he were alive, he'd probably have to pay for his past but we'd still love to bring him back. The 12th Precinct and Castle were simply more fun with him there.

3. James Novak - Scandal

James Novak - Scandal
Not only did we love James, but so did Cyrus. James was probably the only person in the world that Cyrus Beene actually loved. Although not perfect, he was generally a good person with a good conscience and those are few and far between on Scandal. We miss James and we worry about Cyrus and their daughter's future. If we could go back in time and change things, we'd definitely save James.

4. Anya - The 100

Anya - The 100
Anya left us way too soon. Not only do we need more Dichen Lachman on TV, but it would have been amazing to see Anya's relationship with Lexa. We don't see Lexa having any real friends. She has people she rules and some who advise her. Anya and Lexa most likely had a much closer relationship, and it would have been interesting to see Lexa confide in Anya. Plus, we need to know what Anya thinks of Lexa making heart eyes and kissing Clarke!

5. Leslie Shay - Chicago Fire

Leslie Shay - Chicago Fire
We're still not over Shay's death on Chicago Fire. Her friendships with Severide and Dawson were some of the most interesting relationships to watch, and the show really hasn't been the same since she died. The show and the characters have moved on, but she is still missed and we wish we could have her back!

6. Joss Carter - Person of Interest

Joss Carter - Person of Interest
Joss was tragically killed off in 2013. Her death devastated John Reese who was in love with her. Since this looks to be the last season of Person of Interest, we would like to see that her death was fabricated for her safety and for her to come back for the final episode to live happily ever after with John. Maybe Taraji P Henson could take a little time away from Empire to do a quick cameo for the series finale.

7. Agent Victoria Hand - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agent Victoria Hand - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
She was hard nosed and could be a bit strict, but as one of the few Level 8 women in SHIELD Victoria Hand was a force to be reckoned with. Her untimely (and unexpected) death at the hands of Grant Ward revealed his HYDRA loyalties and saddened many fans, some of which couldn't watch the show for a week or two because they were so upset by Hand's death.

8. Dr. Lance Sweets - Bones

Dr. Lance Sweets - Bones
Sweets death came out of no where and hit fans, and everyone at the Jeffersonian, very hard. It was even sadder considering that he and long-time love interest Daisy were about to have a baby. Sweets paid the ultimate price for trying to unravel the latest big conspiracy and we miss him with every episode. We miss his insights, his quirky sense of humor and his friendship. If there was ever a character we'd like to see return to Bones, it's Sweets.

9. Catelyn Stark - Game of Thrones

Catelyn Stark - Game of Thrones
We'll never forget the carnage of the Red Wedding but we'd certainly love to have Catelyn Stark back now that winter is coming. Her children absolutely need her, especially her daughters. Both Sansa and Arya could use some motherly advice right about now. If we had any sort of mystic power, we'd bring Mama Stark back immediately.

10. Caitlin Todd - NCIS

Caitlin Todd - NCIS
Before Bishop and before Ziva, there was Caitlin Todd. We miss Caitlin. She was good at her job, and straight-laced but still fun. She could be sarcastic while still being nice. She and Tony DiNozzo had chemistry and potential for something more. A bullet to the head from Ari Haswari's sniper rifle took her out and ushered in the Ziva David years. We know it probably won't ever happen, but we do wish very Special Agent Caitlin Todd were still around.

11. Athelstan - Vikings

Athelstan - Vikings
From the moment the gentle monk was introduced in Vikings Season 1, Athelstan quickly became the heart and soul of the series. The character's journey was truly epic, evolving from simple devout Christian, to slave, to Viking and ultimately father of the future King Alfred. His death at the hands of Ragnar's closest confidant, Floki, was devastating. Though our favorite monk's ghost still appears on occasion, his loss changed the dynamic of the show forever.

12. Will Horton - Days of Our Lives

Will Horton - Days of Our Lives
Will Horton was strangled to death by his friend Ben, when he figured out that Ben was the Neck Tie Killer. What a waste! Will was both a Brady and Horton (his parents were Sami Brady and Lucas Horton) giving him ties to the show's main families. He was also one of the very few gay characters. There was still so much story to tell here. Killing off Will Horton was a huge mistake and if there's any way to resurrect him from the dead, we'd be thrilled to watch it happen.

13. Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries
I know, I know: Nina Dobrev is off the show. But she grew tired of playing Elena, right? She never said anything about Katherine - and who doesn't miss that villainous vixen?? So if any show can resurrect her, it's this one!

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