13 Characters We'd Never Ask to Be Our Valentines

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7. Lena Luthor - Supergirl

Lena Luthor - Supergirl
There are just too many questions, and she's stuck with too many questionable family members. Surviving Valentine's Day is always a top priority.

8. Sheila Hammond - Santa Clarita Diet

Sheila Hammond - Santa Clarita Diet
Hey, the discussion may be good and Sheila may keep you in stitches throughout the meal, but you want to be taken out to dinner, not become dinner for Valentine's Day.

9. Lenny Belardo - The Young Pope

Lenny Belardo - The Young Pope
Even Lenny can't believe we just tossed the POPE into a Valentine's slideshow, no matter how satirical the series was. Shame on us. No inviting the Pope out for a date. Ever.

10. The Man in Black/William

The Man in Black/William
Talk about a lot of baggage. Whether you were considering the young version or the old, we'd stay away from asking this gent out for a Valentine's Day celebration as what he carried for over 30 years verged on the remarkable.

11. Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead

Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead
Hate to say it, but nothing good seems to come by way of Carol and her friendships these days. She either goes nuts or goes missing. We're leaving well enough alone.

12. Lucious Lyon - Empire

Lucious Lyon - Empire
What if we choose one of the years Cookie is in love with Lucious and wants him to herself? Who is going to want to deal with that? No thank you! He may be a catch (also, on some days), but it's too risky!

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