13 Characters Who Just Need to Chill, Man

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Yes, these characters need to chill.

In some states, a specific type of chilling has become legal, so maybe these folks could take a walk on the wild side and see what it is that draws the stoners to their particular lifestyle. Olivia Pope for instance, needs more than the wine she currently drinks, because that made her a killer. Whoops!

We're not saying anyone needs to go overboard, but just to give it a rest already and chill the frak out.

See if you agree!

1. Lucifer - Lucifer

Lucifer - Lucifer
Lucifer just totally needs to chill. We all know you’re hot, sexy, and smart, but you don’t need to keep reminding everyone of it 24/7. We all see it with our own eyes. There’s no comparison. You’re the man. So cool your heels and chill.

2. Zoom - The Flash

Zoom - The Flash
Zoom on The Flash just totally needs to chill, because being the fastest person on earth really isn't all that. For any of us, being that fast is good enough and we won't know the freakin' difference between one speedster and the next. So just chill, man!

3. Paige - The Americans

Paige - The Americans
Paige is sometimes too smart for her own good. She is too curious. She doesn't need to know everything all at once. While I think she finally learned that when she realized she was being forced to keep Pastor Tim as a friend, now that she knows what her parents do, she just needs to pull back a little, hang with her teenage friends. Chill out.

4. Rip Hunter - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Rip Hunter - DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Rip Hunter is always so serious, but he makes more mistakes on missions than most of the future Legends. He didn't even allow himself to revisit the Old West, where he had lived a good portion of his adult life. Everything isn't life or death. He needs to stop clenching his teeth and expecting the worst, because as a result it always happens. Relax, it won't kill you. But the stress might.

5. Carol - The Walking Dead

Carol - The Walking Dead
Carol really needs to do a little gardening for herself. She's been full of anxiety lately, and seeing as there are no laws left to rally the 420 troops, it would really help her frame of mind when it came to dealing with the fact that killing is now a fact of Carol's life. She already digs cigarettes, she might as well go au natural.

6. Olivia - Scandal

Olivia - Scandal
Olivia might benefit from a little medicinal marijuana to keep her from bashing the lights out of people she no longer cares are walking this earth. At the very least, she can tone down the violence. Surely there are more chill ways to take someone out that she's witnessed in her line of work.

7. Bruce - Gotham

Bruce - Gotham
Young Bruce Wayne on Gotham is no different than his older self. The little dude needs to chill. The intensity you give in finding your parents’ killers is admirable, the training, the investigation, the all out-edness of it all, but you’re still a kid. So, be a kid while you still can. Jump across rooftops with Selina, or better yet, sit atop one and just chill.

8. Shosh - Girls

Shosh - Girls
Shosh always points out before someone does it for her that she might talk a little too fast and come on a little too strong. She sure gets things done, but that doesn't mean she can't take a little time to dance it out, just like she did in the Girls Season 5 finale. To help her do it, she might try kicking back and chilling out a little more often.

9. Peter - The Good Wife

Peter - The Good Wife
Peter Florrick has broken every other law he could think of, so before he goes to prison, we're suggesting he get out of the suit and tie and ditch the governor's chair for a couple days to just forget about it all and chill out. If he takes the plea deal, he has up to three years of looking over his shoulder in the pokey coming up.

10. Diana - Younger

Diana - Younger
Diana would benefit from more than a glass of wine. She tries so hard to fit in, but keeps an edge about her so she never quite fits in with the cool kids. It'd be nice to force her into an easy chair not only for a time out but an evening to just chill out to see if she'd be all the better for it.

11. Gibbs - NCIS

Gibbs - NCIS
Gibbs needs to chill. Maybe Palmer (the resident clown) receives a gift of homemade brownies from a long lost friend, and decides to share it with the team. Next, you see Gibbs sitting in the bullpen with his feet up on his desk, wearing the biggest smile. The man is just wound too tightly at the best of times.

12. Daisy - Agents of SHIELD

Daisy - Agents of SHIELD
Daisy from Agents of SHIELD really needs to take a seat in the back and cool it with the super intense "Inhumans are the best!!!!!" thing

13. Phil/Tandy - Last Man on Earth

Phil/Tandy - Last Man on Earth
Part of Phil's charm is what a neurotic little weirdo he is, what with his prank wars and his ridiculous schemes. But he overthinks basically everything and makes a bunch of foolish decisions because of that outlook. Phil seriously needs to chill, especially now that his brother Mike's crash landed on Earth.

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