13 Characters Who CANNOT Play with Fireworks

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Fireworks are fun and cool to look at, but in the wrong hands, well, the fun is all over.

The characters on this list shouldn't even be able to play with a sparkler!

Check it out!

1. Heatwave aka Mick Rory - Legends of Tomorrow

 Heatwave aka Mick Rory - Legends of Tomorrow
Look, I love him more than the average gal, but he likes to play with fire a little too much to trust him with a barrel full of fireworks!

2. Benedict Arnold - Turn

Benedict Arnold - Turn
I've heard he may have been a traitor. If he was or wasn't, keep him away from the explosives.

3. The Man in Black - Westworld

The Man in Black - Westworld
He's just a little too quick on the trigger. If someone makes him angry, the whole place could go up in smoke!

4. Cheryl Blossom - Riverdale

Cheryl Blossom - Riverdale
She's got a mean streak and just may not play nice with the fireworks so keep her away. Far, far away.

5. Lucifer - Lucifer

Lucifer - Lucifer
Sometimes he can be such the child, and we all know the kiddies need to stay away from the fireworks!

6. Craig Cody - Animal Kingdom

Craig Cody - Animal Kingdom
He likes to party a little too much. Put him too close to the fireworks and he wouldn't even know he set them off!

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