13 Comedic Gags that Epitomized UnREAL

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UnREAL found its signature tone by combining eerie realism with heavy satire and throwing in bits of comedic relief.

This show may be considered as a form of "competence porn," where viewers enjoy watching extremely talented characters do their jobs with grace and skill, no matter how bad their lives get.

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UnREAL is the epitome of this, and the comedy usually serves to either highlight the wit of lead characters or the dimwittedness of other characters, creating caricatures out of them to depict the insanity of the entertainment industry.

A show may revel in how gritty it is, but there's really nothing better than humor. Read on to learn about the top 13 comedic gags on this iconic show and watch UnREAL online to see some of them again!

1. Quinn's Retorts

Quinn's Retorts
Quinn King is the master of savage clapbacks, and she's not afraid to show it. UnREAL highlights her wit and wordplay skill when she yells at subordinates, Everlasting staff, and everyone in between. She's always got some new insult up her sleeve, and it's usually raunchy and incredibly clever, exerting her power on set and making her look great while she does it.

2. Graham

Graham is in virtually every episode, yet his character mostly exists for comedic effect. As the host of Everlasting, he contributes snarky comments about his job and serves as Quinn's personal punching bag when she calls him out on almost every move he makes. He's smooth-talking and often a little obnoxious, but it's a joy to watch him onscreen, even if it's only for a few seconds each episode.

3. Madison

Madison her her glow-up through the course of UnREAL, going from two-braided nerdy, dorky Madison to flaunting-her-curves Madison, not afraid to use her sexuality to get where she wants to go. Nevertheless, she's often the butt of the joke because of her youth and her naivety, which Rachel, Quinn, and the rest of the producers exploit for their amusement. It's always a good episode when Madison can't bring herself to say something mildly inappropriate or even remotely PG-13.

4. Chet

Unlike his sassy counterpart Quinn, Chet is the epitome of confused, clueless white male privilege but still gets the audience to empathize with him. He's nowhere near as capable as Quinn and much of his comedic value comes from his bumbling talk or not understanding what's going on. His ridiculous ideas have to constantly be corrected by female characters who are clearly smarter than him, but that makes it all the more humorous.

5. Gary

Gary is a terrible person, which makes him a great target for comedy. As the head of the network, he's hypothetically in control, but Quinn's abilities and intelligence so outweigh him that her antics eventually force Gary into a tight corner for good. Throughout the show, Quinn's calm, to-the-point attitude constantly gets Gary worked up, and his freak-outs are always worth watching.

6. Crystal

As Chet's sidepiece, Crystal is the naive girlfriend of Chet. However, she's constantly sidelined by the much more impressive Quinn, who doesn't think much of Crystal. Crystal's own version of naivety rivals Madison, but her inquiries are often even more amusing than Madison's, paired with Chet's unhelpful responses and constant nagging at Quinn. Her final moments during Season 3 when Rachel convinces her to propose to Chet in a wedding dress are simultaneously some of the most tragic and hysterical on the show.

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