13 Comedic Gags that Epitomized UnREAL

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7. Zach

Social media star Zach Taylor may not get that much screen time, but his appearances are noteworthy. He's always clueless on set and is very out of the loop with the other contestants in Season 3, which is why it's shocking that he stays on so long. He's charming in a Gen Z kind of way, considering that he's always obsessed with the fact that he's a social media star more so than actually trying to charm Serena. Nevertheless, he's good-intentioned, which makes his comedic value more sweet than laughable.

8. Dan

Dan constantly reiterates his fear of Rachel, whom he regards as the scariest person he's ever met. He's a relatively proficient member of the Everlasting crew, but he's intimidated by both Rachel and Quinn and never lives up to their standards. He doesn't fumble as much as Chet, but the realization that Dan is actually married is the payoff of several seasons' worth of fantastic comedic buildup.

9. Hot Rachel

Hot Rachel
Yael isn't so much a comedic gag as Rachel's reaction to Yael being dubbed "Hot Rachel." In a way, the resemblance is noticeable, which makes the nickname all the more amusing and the fact that it became a term used by the Everlasting team all the more hysterical. Rachel acts like she doesn't care, but it clearly bothers her and beecomes a great Season 2 throw-in.

10. Jay's Retorts

Jay's Retorts
Undervalued producer Jay is the source of comedy throughout much of UnREAL, but it isn't the character himself who's the joke. Although Jay isn't as prized as Rachel, he's certainly talented and makes sure that he throws Madison under the bus as much as he can and tosses in his fair share of one-liners and phrases that would make Quinn jealous. Jay's got wit and style, and he contributes plenty of comedic value to the show.

11. Chet's Wife and Kid

Chet's Wife and Kid
Chet's affair with Quinn is well-documented, but it's the byproduct of his affair that's probably the best part. Chet's wife, Cynthia, is scheming and very unhappy with Chet's behavior, and she takes custody of his child. However, once she reappears with their son, it becomes a complete disaster as nobody has any idea what to deal with his kid, and she becomes a great source of comedy as both Quinn and Chet attempt to avoid her at all costs.

12. Candy Coco

Candy Coco
Candy, a last-minute Everlasting contestant addition during Season 4, has her fair share of comedic moments due to her status as a single mom and Miami stripper. Her complete aura lends itself to plenty of UnREAL jokes, mostly thanks to Quinn and Rachel, but her feminist behavior also turns somewhat comedic because she's prone to outbursts as she stands up for what she believes in.

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