13 Cool Couples From Hot Summer TV

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Summer is officially here!

And with the sunshine comes some of our favorite shows, which are back in the rotation during these summer months! 

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With these fan favorite programs come some of our favorite couples, both established and to be determined.

We made a list of the couples we're most looking forward to seeing this summer! Join us in the comments and let us know which couples you can't wait to see back on TV! 

1. Liza & Charles - Younger

Liza & Charles - Younger
Younger is finally going all the way there with this pairing. And we're finally going to see them embrace their relationship instead of hiding it!

2. Eleven & Mike - Stranger Things

Eleven & Mike - Stranger Things
Stranger Things Season 3 is being dubbed the "summer of love" for them, and we are excited to see where their relationship goes. These two have had some rough times, but their affection for one another has never wavered.

3. Teresa & James - Queen of the South

Teresa & James - Queen of the South
These two are always in this tangled web of allies, working together, having feelings for each other, and not knowing if they trust or will betray each other. This will be a defining season for this fan favorite coupling.

4. Danny & Lexi - Blood & Treasure

Danny & Lexi - Blood & Treasure
These two were a couple, then a tragedy separated them, with her returning to being an art thief and him leaving the FBI to become an antiquities expert. Now they're back in each other’s orbits and we can't wait to see what happens next!

5. Callie & Gael - Good Trouble

Callie & Gael - Good Trouble
This is a ship of the will they/won't they variety, with some love triangle action thrown in. We look forward to seeing where things go for them when Good Trouble returns this summer!

6. Violet & Hollywood - Queen Sugar

Violet & Hollywood - Queen Sugar
Vi and Hollywood are everything a couple should be, open, honest, and madly in love with one another. Despite health concerns, business ups and downs, and family drama, these two finally tied the knot and we're looking forward to seeing what married life has in store for them this summer during Queen Sugar Season 4.

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