13 Coolest Criminal Familes in TV History

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7. The Bluths (Arrested Development)

The Bluths (Arrested Development)
The Bluths are totally dysfunctional, and they'll do anything to try to keep their company afloat, from committing fraud to committing treason. In the process, they do a pretty good job of making us laugh.

8. The Kensington Firm (The Catch)

The Kensington Firm (The Catch)
We're just getting to know this crazy family on The Catch, which is led by matriarch Sybil Griffiths. Her son and daughter, plus Benjaman Jones are part of the Kensington Firm, who are pros at putting together a perfect con.

9. The Morgans (Dexter)

The Morgans (Dexter)
When Dexter's adopted father realized he was a psychopath, he trained him to focus on only killing those who deserved it. His sister Deb is totally in the dark about it until she sees him commit murder with her own eyes. She gets involved to help him cover it up, starting down her own difficult path, and eventually, comitting a murder herself.

10. The Corinthos Family (General Hospital)

The Corinthos Family (General Hospital)
Sonny Corinthos is currently the head of the Corinthos crime family, who pretty much rules Port Charles. Sonny's son Michael tried to be a part of it for a while, and the players have changed quite a bit over the years. (Remember when Jason was Sonny's right-hand man?)

11. The Whites (Breaking Bad)

The Whites (Breaking Bad)
They started out as a typical family, but a cancer diagnosis sends the White family down a spiral of criminal activity. It starts with Walter White making and selling meth, but eventually, Skyler has to get involved by using the car wash business as a cover up.

12. The Teller Morrow Family (Sons of Anarchy)

The Teller Morrow Family (Sons of Anarchy)
Obviously, if we're talking cool criminal families, Sons of Anarchy is on the list, where Jax Teller balances his family life with that of SAMCRO, a gun-running motorcycle gang.

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