13 Dynamic TV Power Couples

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7. Claire and Jamie - Outlander

Claire and Jamie - Outlander
Their love blossomed across time and space. There are not many who can say that let alone that they created a child despite the enormous odds against them. They not only fought for each other but on behalf of an entire generation of Scots. It matters not if they were successful, only that they almost managed the impossible and weren't discovered in their many devious plans to attempt to change the future.

8. Kyle and Megan - The Arrangement

Kyle and Megan - The Arrangement
The biggest actor in the world needed an arrangement to find love. The talented actress needed it to find success. Together they discovered they could have it all and make movies television and a significant impact on social causes. Now, if only their pasts and the people they knew didn't try to kill them first.

9. Fred and Serena Joy - The Handmaid's Tale

Fred and Serena Joy - The Handmaid's Tale
No other woman contributed as much to the creation of the male dominated society of Gilead as Serena Joy. Fred is a ruling member of Gilead. They could make the place utopia they imagined, but they don't have to as long as they're in control.

10. Will and Katie - Colony

Will and Katie - Colony
Everyone lost when the wall came down after the invasion and most processed it differently. Will became a collaborator in the hopes of finding their missing son while Katie joined the resistance, honing her fighting skills. They never lost sight of each other or their family, and now that they're back on the same team, they're a force to be reckoned with.

11. Rick and Michonne - The Walking Dead

Rick and Michonne - The Walking Dead
The zombie apocalypse first tears families and society apart, but then it brings people together. Case in point are Rick and Michonne. Rick struggled after the loss of his wife. Michonne wanted to be the lone wolf. But the more time they spent together, they discovered a connection they couldn't resist. As a couple, Rick is the leader with the respected and skilled fighter by his side. Time will tell if they're one for the ages, but they have the power to withstand the ups and downs of the apocalypse.

12. Cassie and Cole - 12 Monkeys

Cassie and Cole - 12 Monkeys
Cole had a bit of an advantage. He could start making advances toward Cassie before she even knew he existed. He could appear briefly and disappear after an emotional plea. However it happened, it worked. The apocalypse brings people together. With more knowledge of the disease that ends the world, the people helming the future and those who suffered in the past than any others on earth, Cole and Cassie hold the key to pretty much everything.

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