13 Episodes We Never Want to Watch Again!

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There's always one.

You might really like the show, but there's that one installment that makes you wish you had skipped it or at least changed the channel when you had the chance.

There's that one episode that made you cringe. Maybe it was just too strange or had a dumb plot twist that made you audibly groan. Perhaps it took your favorite couple in the wrong direction or, worst of all, it took the entire show in the wrong direction and you're still waiting for it to recover.  

It might even be your favorite show and you love it...but there's that one episode that you just can't stand.

Check out our choices for the 13 TV episodes we never want to watch again!

1. "For Better or Worse" - Castle

"For Better or Worse" - Castle
As much as we're hating Castle season 8 (and so far we are), it was Castle Season 6 Episode 23 that disappointed us the most. After waiting six seasons for Castle and Beckett's great love story to culminate with an epic wedding, the show teased us with the perfect setting (the house in the Hamptons), the perfect dress (Kate's mom's), and the happy couple's friends and family in attendance. Then fans got the rug yanked out from under them for some ludicrous storyline where Rick disappeared on the way to his own wedding. Fans who had waited years for this moment were devastated. Many didn't even bother to tune in for the five minute, green-screened wedding they'd get six episodes later. Why The Powers That Be chose to treat fans to the “worse” instead of the “better” in “For Better or Worse” will always be a mystery but for many fans, this heartbreaking episode can not be forgiven.

2. "Freefall" - ER

"Freefall" - ER
Dr. Robert Romano was a complex character. While he looked on most of his colleagues with disdain, he occasionally showed his softer side to Dr. Elizabeth Corday and was truly distressed when he couldn't save medical student Lucy Knight after she was stabbed by a schizophrenic patient. Later, Romano had his arm cut off by a helicopter blade in a horrific accident. So when the show decided to kill him off by dropping a helicopter on him, it felt like a Loony Tunes cartoon episode. This complicated and entertaining character deserved a better sendoff. We'll never watch this episode again.

3. "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" - Scandal

"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" - Scandal
Finding out that his Presidential win wasn't legit made Fitz angry at the world, but no one more so than Olivia Pope. These two had had steamy sex in many different locales but this time was different. Still feeling betrayed by his paramour, Fitz heatedly thrust her into that server closet, had angry sex, and then told her it was all a mistake but he couldn't control his erections around her! WTF?!? That was a serious low point for this couple and an episode we never hope to watch again.

4. "Where the Wild Things Are" - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"Where the Wild Things Are" - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
When the gang attended a frat party, they soon realized something was very off. Turned out years earlier, the old Lowell house was a home for children and the crazy caretakers abused their charges with punishments such as cutting off girls' hair to remove the temptation of vanity and baptizing them by holding them under water in a bathtub. Now poltergeist were taking out their pain out on the Scooby gang while Riley and Buffy were having endless sex in one of the bedrooms. As much as we always expected this show to wander into strange territory, this episode was downright painful.

5. "The Change in the Game" - Bones

"The Change in the Game" - Bones
Brennan and Booth had danced around a romantic relationship for six seasons but as far as fans had seen on screen, they'd never taken it to the next level. So, we were completely shocked when Brennan announced she was pregnant with Booth's baby! How did that happen? Apparently the two spent the night “comforting” one another, offscreen, after squintern Nigel Vincent's death. Fans felt cheated at having invested years in this relationship only to miss one of their favorite couple's major milestones.

6. "Last Forever Part 2" - How I Met Your Mother

"Last Forever Part 2" - How I Met Your Mother
Fans spent ALL of season 9 enjoying Robin and Barney's wedding weekend only to have them get divorced ten minutes into the series finale. Then the "Mother" that Ted spent the entire series chasing died! As if to add insult to injury, Ted went back to Robin, a relationship they both decided didn't work early in the show's run. The episode will always rank as one of the worst series finale's of all time. Just knowing what happens when the show ends can make watching any of the reruns almost unbearable.

7. "Home" - The X-Files

"Home" - The X-Files
In The X-Files season 4 episode 2, Mulder and Scully are called to investigate when the body of a disfigured baby is discovered. The story involved incest, genetic disfigurement, decapitation and burying a child alive. The director herself described one of the scenes as “the most awful shot of my career.” “Home” was the first episode in America to receive a TV-MA warning and FOX only aired it once before banning it for its intensely disturbing content. It wasn't seen on the air again until 1997, during a marathon on FX but we have no plans to EVER watch it again.

8. "Bugs" - Supernatural

"Bugs" - Supernatural
Supernatural Season 1 Episode 8 may have been the worst installment in the show's history. It's premise was that a subdivision was cursed because it had been built on an ancient Native American burial ground. The “Bugs” started killing people and it was sooooo cheesy. The spiders in the shower were terrible. Then everyone was stuck in the attic being swarmed by bees and suddenly the sun comes up and it's all just fine? Plus, no one actually lifts the curse, they just leave. So, so, bad!

9. "French Twist" - Gilmore Girls

"French Twist" - Gilmore Girls
Lorelai and Chris take a romantic trip to Paris and spontaneously get married… and not even the bride can keep a smile on her face once she gets home and realizes what she's done. Not to mention that Gilmore Girls Season 7 Episode 7 was the start of the dumb Marty pretends he doesn't know Rory mess. All in all, we love the show but this is an episode we'd happily forget.

10. "Dark Swan" - Once Upon a Time

"Dark Swan" - Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 1, "Dark Swan" ended with the residents of Storybrooke back home without their memories...again!​ We've lost count of how many times the show has used this trope, but they really need to find a way to build suspense and have the audience in the dark without needing to resort to the characters not having any memory of events. It is getting very old!

11. "Dreams" - M*A*S*H

"Dreams" - M*A*S*H
Yes, M*A*S*H Season 8 Episode 22 won prestigious writing honors but we found “Dreams” disturbing. The members of the 4077th were stuck in a marathon 33 hour surgery session with no sleep. With wounded piling up and no end in sight, the few fleeting moments they have to close their eyes result in strange, ominous dreams. Margaret ends up in a blood soaked wedding gown, Charles dreams he’s a magician whose magic can't save the patient dying on the table and Hawkeye ends up armless in a boat surrounded by fake limbs. Creative? Absolutely, but it's an episode that gives us nightmares.

12. "Hosanna Roseanna" - Harry's Law

"Hosanna Roseanna" - Harry's Law
After a surprise renewal for the NBC mid-season sleeper hit, show creator David E. Kelley decided to "change" the show up and the resulting pile of garbage was exemplified by Season 2 Episode 1. Kelley took a show that had a fairly large following and made it a platform where episodes every week were banging the drum for one of his many political views. Gone were the quirky lovable side-kicks to Harriett Korn, and in walked a bevy of stereo types, all dressed in suits.

13. "Pilot" - Blood & Oil

"Pilot" - Blood & Oil
If you are staking a show on one episode, and basing that show on real world events, maybe having some fact checking done would be a good thing. While the show starred some amazing talent, we couldn't get past dialog like "every penny we had was in that truck" when all that was in there were two washing machines and two dryers that any decent car insurance would have replaced AND you were going to start a laundromat with only two home washer and dryers??? And that was the first 15 minutes -yeesh! No wonder the series was canceled.

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