13 Episodes We Never Want to Watch Again!

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7. "Home" - The X-Files

"Home" - The X-Files
In The X-Files season 4 episode 2, Mulder and Scully are called to investigate when the body of a disfigured baby is discovered. The story involved incest, genetic disfigurement, decapitation and burying a child alive. The director herself described one of the scenes as “the most awful shot of my career.” “Home” was the first episode in America to receive a TV-MA warning and FOX only aired it once before banning it for its intensely disturbing content. It wasn't seen on the air again until 1997, during a marathon on FX but we have no plans to EVER watch it again.

8. "Bugs" - Supernatural

"Bugs" - Supernatural
Supernatural Season 1 Episode 8 may have been the worst installment in the show's history. It's premise was that a subdivision was cursed because it had been built on an ancient Native American burial ground. The “Bugs” started killing people and it was sooooo cheesy. The spiders in the shower were terrible. Then everyone was stuck in the attic being swarmed by bees and suddenly the sun comes up and it's all just fine? Plus, no one actually lifts the curse, they just leave. So, so, bad!

9. "French Twist" - Gilmore Girls

"French Twist" - Gilmore Girls
Lorelai and Chris take a romantic trip to Paris and spontaneously get married… and not even the bride can keep a smile on her face once she gets home and realizes what she's done. Not to mention that Gilmore Girls Season 7 Episode 7 was the start of the dumb Marty pretends he doesn't know Rory mess. All in all, we love the show but this is an episode we'd happily forget.

10. "Dark Swan" - Once Upon a Time

"Dark Swan" - Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 1, "Dark Swan" ended with the residents of Storybrooke back home without their memories...again!​ We've lost count of how many times the show has used this trope, but they really need to find a way to build suspense and have the audience in the dark without needing to resort to the characters not having any memory of events. It is getting very old!

11. "Dreams" - M*A*S*H

"Dreams" - M*A*S*H
Yes, M*A*S*H Season 8 Episode 22 won prestigious writing honors but we found “Dreams” disturbing. The members of the 4077th were stuck in a marathon 33 hour surgery session with no sleep. With wounded piling up and no end in sight, the few fleeting moments they have to close their eyes result in strange, ominous dreams. Margaret ends up in a blood soaked wedding gown, Charles dreams he’s a magician whose magic can't save the patient dying on the table and Hawkeye ends up armless in a boat surrounded by fake limbs. Creative? Absolutely, but it's an episode that gives us nightmares.

12. "Hosanna Roseanna" - Harry's Law

"Hosanna Roseanna" - Harry's Law
After a surprise renewal for the NBC mid-season sleeper hit, show creator David E. Kelley decided to "change" the show up and the resulting pile of garbage was exemplified by Season 2 Episode 1. Kelley took a show that had a fairly large following and made it a platform where episodes every week were banging the drum for one of his many political views. Gone were the quirky lovable side-kicks to Harriett Korn, and in walked a bevy of stereo types, all dressed in suits.

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