13 Female Friendships That Embody Galentine's Day

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It's the sixth anniversary of Leslie Knope introducing Galentine's Day into our lives, and it's falling on a Saturday this year, which means extended brunch! So heat up your waffle irons, stock up on Redi-Whip, and mix up those mimosas! 

If you didn't have time to embroider your friend's faces onto pillow, or prepare fifty page essays on what makes them beautiful, unique unicorns, or even to merely buy a card, fear not! After your frittata, do as any good TV Fanatic does, and suggest a marathon of friendships. 

We've narrowed in on thirteen terrific female friendships for you and your girls to enjoy this year. From those old familiar faces to fledgling attachments, we've got it all!

Just remember what today is for: "Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, without the angst. Plus frittatas!"

1. Parks & Recreation: Leslie, Ann, & April

Parks & Recreation: Leslie, Ann, & April
You can't talk about Galentine's Day without mentioning founder Leslie Knope and her gals. Leslie is basically the best friend anyone could hope for, an epic cheerleader for all the ladies in her life. She will get you the absolutely perfect gift, show up with a nine-point plan in a binder to solve any problem, and stick by you no matter what. And there's a trickle down effect to everyone who knows her. Pawnee is probably the best city in America to be a woman in.

2. Broad City: Abbi & Ilana

Broad City: Abbi & Ilana
These two friends might be a little too close. They hardly ever fight, and will do basically anything for one another -- be it getting rid of the other's poop to avoid a romantic catastrophe, or carrying her in your arms to the ER. Their adventures are hilarious, if rarely intentional. No matter how chaotic things get, everything's all right as long as they're together.

3. Friends: Monica, Phoebe, & Rachel

Friends: Monica, Phoebe, & Rachel
These three were more than friends: at one point or another they all lived with one another. If a friendship can survive sharing a small bathroom and division of household chores, it can survive anything. Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel couldn't have *been* more different, but they loved each other all the more for it. Even if Monica did end up having to live with a boy.

4. The Big Bang Theory: Penny, Bernadette, & Amy

The Big Bang Theory: Penny, Bernadette, & Amy
This unlikely trio really lucked out -- it's not often that your boyfriend's best friend's girlfriend's are people you genuinely *like*. These girls went beyond just being "couple friends" and became BFFs. From commisserating over the guys love of all things nerd to wine nights and shoe shopping, these ladies have really (covalent) bonded.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy & Willow

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy & Willow
Buffy and Willow undoubtedly have one of the strongest friendships in TV history. You can find actual dissertations on their relationship. But the bottom line is that they love one another unreservedly. They may disagree with one another, but they never judge personal choices. They are both willing to go to (literally) insane lengths for one another. Goddess help whomever (or wahtever) tries to come between these two friends.

6. Downton Abbey: Lady Violet & Isobel

Downton Abbey: Lady Violet & Isobel
These two grand-dames probe that you don't have to be nice to your friends to care about them. The ladies constantly trade barbs, but even when their fights take a more serious turn, they're truly concerned about each other. What's a little competition between friends after all?

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