13 Gay, Female TV Characters that are Great Role Models

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Whether you're still staring at the inside of your slightly confined closet, have just stepped out into the rainbow abyss of the world, have been living a proud and gay life for a while, or don't even identify as LGBT but enjoy expanding your knowledge, we have compiled a list of some of the best, gay, female representations on TV. 

Sometimes it can be hard to find a new show with some strong gay female characters. So if you're looking for something new with LGBT plotlines, check out some of these shows and find yourself or fall in love with some of these badass women too.

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Beware, some of these may be spoilers if you haven't gotten far enough into the shows. But, as they say, a woman's sexuality is fluid so maybe these won't come as a shock.

1. Kate Messner - Everything Sucks

Kate Messner - Everything Sucks
This coming-of-age TV show was cut way too short. Kate Messner was finally in the process of figuring out her sexuality, and she was a nice addition to the collection of newly discovered queer youngins. It's important that TV shows cover this process in a realistic way, and this show did just that in such a sweet way.

2. Elena Alvarez - One Day At A Time

Elena Alvarez - One Day At A Time
Elena is already an intelligent and strong-willed young woman who fights for so many social justice causes, so it only seemed fitting that she would come out as gay. Being raised in the Latino culture where being gay is not easily accepted, the show depicts the hardships not only for Elena but for her mother as well. It offers an inclusive representation for young Latina girls.

3. Valencia Perez - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Valencia Perez - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
To long-time Crazy Ex-Girlfriend viewers, I'm sure this came as a major shock. One minute Valencia was dating Josh, the next she was happily involved with Beth no questions asked. This seems to be a growing theme amongst TV writers. No big gay debuts, just simple changes in partnership.

4. Petra Solano - Jane the Virgin

Petra Solano - Jane the Virgin
The overwhelming happiness Petra exudes when she's around JR, or the little giggle she lets out when she talks about her is the purest thing. After a complicated marriage with Rafael, it seemed like quite a shock to her when she realized she was having not so PG dreams about JR, but it also didn't seem to phase her. It's a great portrayal of a "later-in-life gay."

5. Maggie Sawyer - Supergirl

Maggie Sawyer - Supergirl
Maggie's story of estrangement from her parents after coming out is a sad, but an honest reality for some people. Although, you never would've guessed by her courageous and strong unforgiving lesbian identity. Her badassness as an FBI agent transcends into her badassness as a role model for so many women who may struggle with environmental and internalized acceptance.

6. Maggie Amato - Younger

Maggie Amato - Younger
From the beginning, Maggie was her own character, a bonafide and experienced lesbian who didn't have to go through a period of revelation or come in as a saving grace for a newly questioning gay. She offers a perspective of what life is like when you're beyond all the drama and inner turmoil of the coming out process, and that's a refreshing perspective.

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