13 Gay, Female TV Characters that are Great Role Models

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7. Alex Danvers - Supergirl

Alex Danvers - Supergirl
Alex's evolution from mild internalized homophobia into out and proud is a linear progression any gay person hopes to have. The struggle that comes with upsetting the image your parents hold is a commonality that the show works through nicely. Although her relationship with Maggie ended, there's still hope for a happy and gay ending as Supergirl comes to an end.

8. Stef Foster - The Fosters

Stef Foster - The Fosters
Stef's untraditional family offers an inside perspective on how a lesbian family is just like any other traditional family. Although, what is traditional these days? Stef comes from a Catholic upbringing, where being gay is heavily unacceptable. She's a strong role model for those who struggle with religious implications.

9. Emily Fields - Pretty Little Liars

Emily Fields - Pretty Little Liars
At the beginning of the show, Emily dated men and identified heavily heterosexually. It wasn't until Maya was confidently gay that Emily realized maybe she wasn't as straight as previously assumed. She didn't seem to have any major problems in the process, and she is a nice representation of a femme lesbian. Offering other femme lesbians a place to identify and realize that to be gay you don't have to look like the stereotype.

10. Callie Torres - Grey's Anatomy

Callie Torres - Grey's Anatomy
Similarly to previously mentioned characters, Callie also comes from a strictly Catholic Latina background. She has a more difficult coming out process as her father first disowns her after hearing the news, but eventually he learns that no amount of praying will pray the gay away. With the help of her girlfriend Arizona, she's able to truly embrace her sexuality and show us that being gay is not simply a choice.

11. Adena El-Amin - The Bold Type

Adena El-Amin - The Bold Type
Adena is an incredible role model for young lesbians, as she's an openly gay Muslim woman. Through her character, we're opened up to the oppression women and LGBT people in the Islamic religion. She's among the incredible collection of characters on TV who are openly out and have no problem with their identity. She helped Kat Edison realize her own sexuality, and sometimes it's seeing others have no fear in being entirely themselves that helps us realize suppressions we may not have known we had.

12. Villanelle - Killing Eve

Villanelle - Killing Eve
It's unclear how she identifies, but it seems that she sleeps with men for the pleasure and manipulation, but creates true and deep relationships and connections with women. The writers seamlessly added the gay plotline, which is the best part. Is it wrong to think that craziness of Villanelle is certainly hot?

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