13 Halloween Costumes Stripped Right From Your DVR

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7. The Flash - Fastest Man Alive

The Flash - Fastest Man Alive
I'm pretty sure that the minute you put on that one-piece, you'll automatically become the faster man alive. Since The Flash is a DC character, the costume shouldn't be a problem. Most importantly make sure you have the mask and the yellow lightning bolt on your chest. If you're feeling the need, you can always buy the padded suit to give your muscles a bit more definition. Team up with a friend who's unleashing her inner Supergirl for a truly dynamite duo!

8. Age It Up This Is Us Style

Age It Up This Is Us Style
This Is Us makes us laugh, cry and admire the aging process that Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Miguel (Jon Huertas) go through nearly every episode. I took a "Theater Makeup" class in college and one of our assignments was to age ourselves. I'll tell you, it's a tedious but rewarding process. When else are you going to see yourself as an old person, except for when you're actually old. So find a tutorial online and give it a shot – I guarantee you'll be the life of the party!

9. Riverdale's Finest - Bughead and Varchie

Riverdale's Finest - Bughead and Varchie
With secrets, murder and high fashion, it's not a surprise that Riverdale is The CW's new Gossip Girl. There are many lovable characters to choose from so why not simply gather a group and portray them all? Hot Topic recently debuted a Riverdale-inspired collection, which features Jughead's crown hat. Archie fans, dye your hair auburn and wear a blue-and-yellow letterman jacket. Sweet innocent Betty needs a light pink cardigan or that famous crown sweater paired with a collared shirt. My Veronica's can wear a Vixen tee with shorts or a sultry llittle black dress.

10. Game of Thrones - Jon Snow & Daenerys

Game of Thrones - Jon Snow & Daenerys
After all that happened in Season 7 between nephew-aunt duo Jonerys, this is bound to be one of the hottest TV costumes of the Halloween season. Their wardrobe will also be very helpful if it also happens snow or drops rapidly in temperature on Halloween. For Dany, go with a structured dress and cape and for Jon, dig up anything furry that you may find in your grandmother's closet. Just make sure no animals were hurt in the making of your costume.

11. Scandal - The Most Powerful Duo in the US

Scandal - The Most Powerful Duo in the US
With the last season of Scandal upon us, this is your time to go as Olitz. Fitz was once the most powerful man in America and now Olivia takes that title as Mellie Grant's Chief of Staff. Secretly, she's also running B6-13, an organization that holds the most power and one she fought so diligently to destroy. For Fitz, put on your best suit and tie. For Liv, find the most fashion-forward trenchcoat. The white hate is optional, depending solely on which version of Liv you're trying to emulate.

12. The Chicago Trilogy

The Chicago Trilogy
When you think of the city of Chicago, Chicago PD, Chicago Med and Chicago Fire probably come to mind. These are the real heroes, saving lives, fighting crime and taking down bad guys. Team up with your friends to pay your respects to the show by rocking Severide's fireman suit, Burgess' cop uniform, and doctor Rhode's medical scrubs. Dick Wolf would be proud.

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