13 Memorable Emmy Moments

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7. Taking Questions

Taking Questions
Yes, Jon Hamm, Melissa McCarthy, Andre Braugher: the Emmys are airing live on television, you WILL get towed if you park on the curb and you may use the bathroom if you have the key. A funny segment involved famous people asking Meyers basic questions.

8. A Missed Mark

A Missed Mark
We adore Stephen Colbert. But his imaginary friend bit fell very flat on stage.

9. Ryan Murphy Moves Us

Ryan Murphy Moves Us
In accepting the trophy for The Normal Heart, Ryan Murphy called on young viewers "to become Larry Kramers, to find a cause you believe in that you will fight for, that you will die for."

10. David Caruso Impression

David Caruso Impression
No clue where this came from or how many people got it, but we loved Seth Meyers tossing on shades and making like David Caruso to joke about Debra Messing and Jim Parsons as "a couple of Messing-Parsons."

11. Who is Cole-bort?

Who is Cole-bort?
Gwen Stefani is too busy singing and being an awesome mom to watch The Colbert Report. Or, as she would say, the "Cole-bort" Report.

12. Aaron Paul's Speech

Aaron Paul's Speech
Aaron Paul seemed genuinely overwhelmed upon winning Supporting Actor in a Drama, gushing over his co-stars and then his wife. He mentioned her charity, The Kind Campaign, and the website subsequently crashed from all the traffic.

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