13 Morally Bankrupt TV Characters

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Even the best television characters can be morally bankrupt. They can do the most despicable things, yet we still like them for some reason. 

Maybe it's all the drama they cause that makes their presence so much more addictive. 

Regardless, most of these characters are not going anywhere, and there's a reason for that. 

Have a look through the gallery. 

1. Kieran - Scream

Kieran - Scream
Kieran had the residents of Lakewood fooled. He made them all think he was this great boyfriend to Emma Duvall, but secretly, he was Piper’s accomplice and was helping butcher Emma’s friends and just generally make her life hell. Hopefully with Brandon James in the mix, he’ll get what’s coming to him.

2. Negan - The Walking Dead

Negan - The Walking Dead
You could say that Negan had every right to corner Rick and his group after butchering some of his own, but Negan is the one who thinks he owns all the groups in his vicinity. We’re sitting here waiting on tenterhooks to find out which of out favorite characters are going to be killed by him. It's his way, or your head bashed in, apparently.

3. Katherine - The Vampire Diaries

Katherine - The Vampire Diaries
Katherine Pierce is the polar opposite of Elena Gilbert. Katherine lacks heart, but she more than makes up for it with her quick wit and sass. If Nina Dobrev books a return visit to Mystic Falls, we must get at least one more episode with Katherine.

4. Sin Rostro - Jane The Virgin

Sin Rostro - Jane The Virgin
Sin Rostro has been changing her face throughout the two seasons of Jane the Virgin and just generally doing some pretty shady things. She revels in having the upper hand.

5. Jenna - Pretty Little Liars

Jenna - Pretty Little Liars
Jenna’s eyes were damaged due to “the jenna thing,” but is she really blind? She seems to know a lot of things about A, so there's that.

6. Cersei - Game of Thrones

Cersei - Game of Thrones
Cersei has always been an opportunist, but her most morally bankrupt moment has got to be blowing up the septum and taking over the Iron Throne. This led to the death of her son, Tommen.

7. Malcolm Merlyn - Arrow

Malcolm Merlyn - Arrow
Malcolm wouldn’t hesitate to cut his own flesh and blood if it meant he was going to get further. Look at the way he tried to fight Thea on Arrow Season 4. Basically, if you don’t have the same intentions as this dude, you need to be watching your back.

8. Joanna - Mr. Robot

Joanna - Mr. Robot
The disgraced wife of Tyrell Wellick may act all innocent in public, but deep down, she’s crazy. Just look at the way she forced her pregnancy to come sooner when the net begun closing in around Tyrell.

9. Norman - Bates Motel

Norman - Bates Motel
Norman went full cray cray on Bates Motel Season 4, killing his mother in the process. We’re promised that he’s killing Rihanna’s character in the upcoming final season. Morals, where art thou?

10. Frank - Shameless

Frank - Shameless
Frank is the epitome of morally bankrupt. He took credit out under his children’s names, gave a dying woman attention in the hopes of getting a hefty pay out. You name it, Frank Gallagher’s probably done it.

11. Lucious - Empire

Lucious - Empire
Lucious Lyon revels in having his family quarrelling with one another. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do to take over Empire. Look at the way he got one of the boardmember’s pets murdered. He’s not a good guy, that’s for sure.

12. Peter Hale - Teen Wolf

Peter Hale - Teen Wolf
Even with his daughter, Malia, on the scene, Derek still put himself first and ensured he was one step ahead of practically everyone else. It sucks to be related to a Hale, just ask Derek.

13. Zelena - Once Upon A Time

Zelena - Once Upon A Time
Regina’s evil sibling will go to any lengths possible for power. It’s kind of what Regina used to do all the time when she was the evil Queen, so you can probably blame their mother, Cora, for some of the craziness.

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