13 Reasons One Day at a Time Needs to Be Saved

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When Netflix made the decision to cancel One Day at A Time, fans immediately took to Twitter to save it.

The series is by far the best sitcom Netflix has created, and it manages to include a variety of important issues while still addressing them in a healthy and educational way.

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CBS All Access has reportedly put in a bid for the show, but it's still up in the air whether or not Netflix will let it go. 

In honor of the innovative and groundbreaking comedy, we've put together a slide show of 13 reasons why One Day at a Time deserves to be saved! 


1. It exemplifies the importance of strong familial bonds

It exemplifies the importance of strong familial bonds
At its heart, the show is about family. And as Schneider's inclusion proves, it's not just about blood relation. Your family is about the people who support and love you, and have your back no matter what.

2. There's Latinx representation

There's Latinx representation
The show centers around a Cuban family, as well as the struggles they face being Cuban-American. It's incredibly eye-opening and helps give Latinx the representation and voice they deserve.

3. There's LGBT+ representation

There's LGBT+ representation
Elena's coming-out story was a big part of the show's first season, and One Day at a Time really pulled out all the stops. It took Elena a little bit to figure it out for herself and to find the right way to tell her family. They all had different reactions, but her mom, grandma, and brother, all supported her wholeheartedly.

4. It adresses sexual assault/harassament

It adresses sexual assault/harassament
As usual, Elena has the perfect response for everything. How about instead of teaching women not to wear "revealing clothing" we just teach men not to rape?

5. It calls out sexism

It calls out sexism
Penelope Alvarez is a queen who doesn't take crap from anyone. After continuously being on the receiving end of sexist comments from her co-worker, she calls him out once and for all.

6. It adresses homophobia

It adresses homophobia
Elena's father said all the stereotypical responses when she came out to him as a lesbian. He was unsupportive towards her and just offensive in general. But the series dealt with it in a mature way and Elena's speech to her father about his prejudice was beautiful.

7. Penelope and Schneider's relationship

Penelope and Schneider's relationship
There are two ways to look at this. On one hand, the series could exemplify that a guy and girl can be close friends without it turning romantic. But on the other hand, Schneider and Penelope have both expressed attraction for each other in the past, and they could have an interracial relationship built off of unconditional support and an already established friendship. No matter which side you're on, there's no denying how important they are.

8. It calls out racism

It calls out racism
Alex ends up not wanting his family to come to his games for fear that people will continue to make fun of him and tell him to "go back to Mexico." The whole storyline is heartbreaking, but it's a real example of racism in today's society.

9. It deals with addiction

It deals with addiction
Schneider's is the most light-hearted person out of all of the characters, so seeing his struggle with addiction was especially heartbreaking. But the show managed to deal with it in a mature way that helped spread awareness.

10. It portrays healthy relationships

It portrays healthy relationships
The relationship between Elena and Syd is both healthy and heartwarming. They always respect each other's boundaries and just want the other to be happy.

11. Mental health is taken seriously

Mental health is taken seriously
Instead of brushing over depression and anxiety, the show takes it seriously and understands that it's a real mental illness. Penelope comes to terms with the fact that she may have to be on medication forever, but she can still live a happy and healthy life.

12. There's non-binary representation

There's non-binary representation
Syd's inclusion in the series is essential for more reasons than one. Their relationship with Elena is important as well as their identity as a non-binary character.

13. It's hilarious

It's hilarious
We simply can't imagine going on without Schneider's hilarious obsession with the family or Elena's amazing one-liners. Every single character on the show is comedic in their own unique way.

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