13 Shows Need to Be Canceled. Like... NOW!

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7. Family Guy

Family Guy
Once upon a time Family Guy was canceled and brought back, and rightfully so, but the once hilarious animated sitcom that brought Seth MacFarlane into the limelight now shines as an example of a show that has outlived its welcome. Wasn't faux killing off Brian as a ratings ploy proof enough that the creative juices have stopped flowing? Even the show creator himself admits the show is past its prime. FOX needs to make the tough call on this one and pull the plug for good.

8. Homeland

Homeland's original premise hinged on Brody but with him dead, the show simply hasn't been able to reboot itself successfully. Quinn became the show's new punching bag and Carrie has morphed from a compelling character to more of a caricature of her former self. To top it off, the Homeland season 5 ending was an underwhelming hour of television. Perhaps it's time to really let Carrie really walk away from the CIA and close this operation down for good.

9. 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls
That 2 Broke Girls has lasted this long must hinge on the likability of its cast because the show itself is frequently borderline offensive. The constant attempts at humor by using stereotyping, as with the short jokes targeted at Korean-American Han Lee, are lame and have never really been fun, yet they persist. This is a sitcom that's existence defies logic and we highly doubt it will be missed once it is gone.

10. Bones

Bones - We truly love this quirky crime procedural with its amazing cast of likable characters and we're thrilled that Booth and Brennan are finally a happy family but…how many serial killers can we watch them track down? How many Squinterns can be killed off or friends be in mortal danger before it all becomes too repetitive? With a lawsuit behind the scenes and the show's future possibly in jeopardy, we hope FOX at least gives it the proper sendoff it deserves.

11. Law & Order: SVU

Law & Order: SVU
Olivia Benson has been through it all. Kidnapped, almost raped, suspected of assault and murder after facing down her kidnapper, held hostage more times than we can remember, PTSD. How much can one person take and how long will viewers tune in to see it? So far, it appears that fans keep coming back for more. Does that mean Law & Order: SVU will outlast the iconic original Law & Order or do you think it should close up shop and finally give Olivia Benson some peace?

12. Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy
ABC says they can see Grey's Anatomy running for many years into the future…but should they keep it going? McDreamy was killed in a horrific car accident. Many from the original cast have moved on. We hear Meredith is about to be in peril. How much drama can one hospital staff take? How many times will viewers come back for more? Do you want to see Grey's Anatomy Season 13?

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