13 Shows On the Bubble: Should They Stay or Go?

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What does it mean when a show is on the bubble? 

It means its future hangs in the balance. Will it be renewed for another season or canceled, never to air another new episode? 

Some of these shows have been on for years while others have only graced our screens for a season or two but may not have caught on with many viewers.

Many a fan has broken out in a cold sweat upon hearing their favorite show was on the dreaded bubble. 

These 13 network shows have yet to be renewed...or canceled. Which will rise and which are we going to see pop? Take a look at our predictions. 

1. Castle

Other than a small handful of good episodes, Castle season 8 has been abominable, but that's due to poor writing and not nearly enough of Castle and Beckett working and living together. If Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are both willing to sign on and new writers (or original writers Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller are brought back), then we'd love to see Castle Season 9. If for some reason either of the leads won't sign on or we're stuck with the same show runners, then let this beloved show's bubble pop now so fans aren't tortured any more than they already have been.

2. Marvel's Agent Carter

Marvel's Agent Carter
With its 1940s style, smart and incredibly likable heroine, and just enough supernatural elements to keep things interesting, we think there's still plenty of story to be told for Marvel's Agent Carter. Fingers crossed for season 3. We want to see more of the unstopable Peggy Carter!

3. American Crime

American Crime
Since every season is a storyline all its own and the cast is immensely talented, we think this unique and personal look inside the crime from differing perspectives deserves a chance for season 3.

4. The Muppets

The Muppets
We know it got a shaky start but by the end of The Muppets Season 1 the show had really found its footing with just the right combination of new humor and throwbacks to the original show. Besides, we really want to see if Piggy decides to dive back into her relationship with Kermit the Frog. Don't leave us shippers hanging ABC!

5. Nashville

Former ABC President Paul Lee was a big supporter of Nashville but with him gone, this soapy, musical drama could go either way. With Rayna and Deacon getting married as season 4 resumes, we hope to see more, but we're not feeling all that optimistic about Nashville season 5. For ardent fans of the show, we certainly hope we're wrong.

6. CSI: Cyber

CSI: Cyber
Although other shows in this franchise went on for several seasons, and we loved Ted Danson on the original CSI, somehow this spinoff about the Cyber Crimes division just doesn't hold our interest the way its predecessors did. Perhaps it's best to wrap up season 2, finish the autopsy and bury this one for good.

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