13 Shows That Let Us Down This Season. Big Time.

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7. Empire

Once Upon a Time, Empire was my favorite show. Somewhere along the way, it lost focus on the Lyons and opted to focus on stunt casting. Cookie is still as hilarious as ever, but her one-liners are not enough to keep me watching this trainwreck of a series. - Paul

8. The Blacklist

The Blacklist
Are any of the characters even likable anymore? I'm down to only liking Aram. Are we supposed to still be rooting for the FBI? It is ridiculous that Red gets away with so many nefarious and deadly deeds, and the FBI just overlooks it. Not a single one of the characters can be viewed as a shining example of moral turpitude. Also, how are we going into season five and STILL dealing with the question of whether or not Reddington is Elizabeth's father? - Jasmine

9. How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder
Season 3 was a mess, and the thought of killing Wes off just seemed so last minute. It seemed this time that they’d written themselves into a corner, and he was the only character that Annalise would react like that too. Plus, Season 3 just wasn’t nearly as good as Season 1 and just barely a step up from Season 2. If it wasn’t for Viola Davis, would anyone still be watching? - Jay

10. Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives
I'm never going to give up Days of Our Lives since I've been watching for 31 years but with some of the bad writing recently I'm tempted. Characters are flip flopping so much to fit the needs of the plot that I have whiplash every time I write my review and a lot of my favorite characters are either dead, back burnered, or totally unrecognizable. I hope the new writing team taking over this summer can turn some of this around. - Jack

11. Kevin Can Wait

Kevin Can Wait
My family loved Kevin Can Wait. It was a sweet but funny sitcom about Kevin, a newly retired cop on Long Island, his wife, Donna, and their three kids. It was the kind of fun, light-hearted show you could watch with your kids and laugh at yourselves. But then CBS announced that the character of Donna wasn’t returning for season 2. What?!? The best relationship on the entire show is the one between Kevin and Donna. They are affectionate, realistic and funny. I know that Leah Remini will be joining the show, but I’m not interested in a King of Queens reboot. We loved you Kevin Can Wait, but if there’s no Donna, then there’s no reason to tune back in. - Christine

12. CW DC Universe

CW DC Universe
I've watched my last superhero comic show on The CW. They are all so boring. Nothing new ever happens and the same stories play out over and over again. It's mind boggling that nobody can think of something new to do with such talented casts and a plethora of characters available tell them. Oh well. In this era of so-called "peak TV" there isn't any point in beating that drum any longer. - Carissa

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