13 Shows That Are Likely To Get A Future Reboot

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Reboots, revamps, remakes and whatever they'd like to call it—the era of nostalgia has finally come upon us, and television networks are eager more than ever to get their hands on different materials that would give them more money on a material that’s still good for recycling.

My methodology for picking shows that are included in the list is their cult following (whether or not a certain show has been tagged as an icon by a lot of people,) and the formula.

When different TV tropes have been used in a television show, and the formula (or the plot clichés) still made it work, it's hard not to classify it as a classic. 

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Classics make money.

Here are some of the shows which are likely to get rebooted and we have an abundant and a flexible list. Also, shows that have already been announced to have a revamp or have developing/developed spin-offs won't be included in the slideshow.

See if your favorite show made the list. If it was, would you be happy or would you not be? Let us know in the comment section below!


1. Desperate Housewives

When Desperate Housewives first came out, it was a success. From the critics to its viewership, it didn’t suffer at all. That is why the name itself became a trademark. Also, not only was it an award-winning show, it was a cultural phenomenon. That’s what happens when you mix comedy and drama in a soap opera with added mystery, especially when it was a fresh attempt of a genre mix for a TV series. Producers won’t be able to look beyond those trophies and accolades the show received.

2. Firefly

For a series to have 14 episodes and still have a renowned name years later must mean it's a recipe for a reboot. Sure, Firefly was canceled, and the viewers it had were too low for the ratings game, but no one can deny the brand it created. The show required a significant amount of money for productioin since it was a really grand idea for television. But because of the brand itself, reimagining the series isn’t a far cry from what could happen in reality.


LOST has a great following that producers would want to take advantage of again in the future. It has mystery and supernatural elements that mythology fans would want to get their hands on and devour. And, while it holds more mystery than answers most of the time, LOST also has characters that are archetypal and foils to one another that makes the dialogue and banter believable and well-represented. Example? Science versus faith. I mean, do I even need to elaborate on that?

4. Sex and the City

Four women with different personalities trying to make it in the big city. Feminism is an issue that is still widely talked about in the world right now, and Sex and the City remains an icon for feminism. An icon will always one of the first producers go to when reboots are discussed. Ask Superman and his endless reincarnation. No, I’m not trying to compare Superman to the four leads of Sex and the City, but Carrie Bradshaw and company being icons is hard to deny.

5. Dawson's Creek

Dawson’s Creek was a success because it came out when the craze for teen-oriented shows and movies were around. It was a bit scandalous back in the '90s because of its fresh but infamous plotlines that no one knew whether or not the world was prepared to see from a teen show. That said, it was the show’s hook. It, being tagged as racy, was what made it work. Sex sells; ask Carrie Bradshaw. And to have teenagers as faces of the show while having clichéd plotlines that were meant for adult roles? That was juicy, and that’s what would still make it work. The formula was greatly executed.

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