13 Things We'd Like to See on The Flash Season 3

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We're a week away from San Diego Comic Con...the grandaddy of them all.

That means there will be more news than ever about the fall shows, and we're sure to be bombarded with what are now tightly held secrets about The Flash Season 3.

Before we find out what's actually ahead on the upcoming season, we're spilling a bit of our wish list.

Let us know what's on yours!

1. Barry Gets to Know the REAL Jay Garrick

Barry Gets to Know the REAL Jay Garrick
With seasons behind us featuring a part time dad due to circumstances beyond their control (mostly), and too much time spent on a serial killer posing as the REAL Jay Garrick, we seriously hope there is an opportunity for Barry to get to know the man who looks so much like his father, to get the advice he didn't from Hunter and become great, Flash-y friends with an actual experienced (and heroic) speedster.

2. Barry Learns a Lesson from Flashpoint

Barry Learns a Lesson from Flashpoint
There's nobody who wants Barry to walk away from whatever happens with Flashpoint unscathed. He needs a good scathing so he NEVER DOES THIS AGAIN. No more time travel for Barry. No more working on his own. He has to start thinking of the greater good. Pushing Iris away after wanting her more than anything was bad enough. Changing the past? I'm not sure there's a word for that. Time to grow up.

3. A Tina McGee/Jay Garrick Romance

A Tina McGee/Jay Garrick Romance
You know what? The powers that be don't get to fool with our 1990 hearts, putting Tina McGee and Henry Allen together just moments before his death. Let's get her together with Jay Garrick. Let's get her in on The Flash action, both romantically and in a way she can help the team more than once every few months.

4. The New CI is Not the Same as Barry

The New CI is Not the Same as Barry
Whether Tom Felton's new character, new CCPD CI Julian Dorn, is a product of Flashpoint or something else, let's not have him be a practical Barry doppelganger. It would be very cool to see him playing a character a bit more rugged than Barry plays things to give our speedster something to think about. Plus, look at Felton's pic above. See? Scruffy is better.

5. Everyone Has and Uses their Powers During Flashpoint

Everyone Has and Uses their Powers During Flashpoint
Now that all the doppelgangers are killed off, can we play with their powers a bit more while Barry has things messed up? It would be great if Caitlin was a good version of Killer Frost. Who says sexy has to be wicked? How about wickedly awesome, so that if she does eventually get some activity going on after Flashpoint is fixed, Barry can tell her to embrace it.

6. Leonard Snart Embraces his Good Side

Leonard Snart Embraces his Good Side
Even though Snart is only alive because he was in an area time forgot (or something), can he please embrace his good side? For some reason, we imagine him spending more time in Central City than anywhere else, if only because it was his home. He has a begruding respect for Barry, and that might be enough to get him to teeter on the edge of choosing good whether he's on the Waverider or not.

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