13 Times Our Favorite Heroines Got Wasted

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Calling all wine lovers!

We have gathered a whole group of women so you don't have to drink alone!

We're not sure if these women were planning on drinking to excess, but there is little doubt with the way they're swilling it down, they're about to be wasted.

Grab your wine glass, or hell, just the bottle, and join them for a toast, will you?

It's five o'clock somewhere!

1. Amy Schumer Isn't Wasting Any Time!

Amy Schumer Isn't Wasting Any Time!
If you're a fan of Inside Amy Schumer, then perhaps you've seen her relationship with wine already. It's pretty apparent she's not wasting any time with the small glasses. There's a lot of that going around!

2. Christine's Cracking Up

Christine's Cracking Up
Christine looks like the only thing that will keep her from cracking on The New Adventures of Old Christine is that bottle of wine. Don't try to take it from her!

3. Thank You, Alcohol

Thank You, Alcohol
April was having a pretty rough go of it on Parks and Recreation, until she remembered alcohol existed. To hell with the glass, that's when you just pick up the bottle and drink. Thank you, thank you.

4. Make Him Pay

Make Him Pay
Skyler wanted to make Walter White pay. What better way than to scare the crap out of him with a stern face and a bottle of chardonnay? Breaking Bad indeed.

5. We Do! We Do!

We Do! We Do!
When the question is: Who wants wine? The appropriate answer is always either, we do, or I do. Never, in Cougar Town's crowd, admit to teetotaling. Just pour it into someone else's glass if you don't want it. Really. There will be a giant one that needs filling. Always.

6. Just One Glass a Day Extends Your Life

Just One Glass a Day Extends Your Life
When Betty White learns that you only need one glass of wine per day to extend your life, she thinks like every other human being on the planet. She'll take the big glass.

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