13 TV Characters Who Are Scarier Than Monsters

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Television is full of supernatural baddies. Monsters, zombies, and vampires send spills down viewers' spines on a regular basis, and it can be a lot of fun to get scared this way.

But sometimes the scariest TV characters aren't monsters at all, at least not in the traditional sense.

Sometimes they are ordinary people, people who are like us or like someone we know -- except there's something off about them.

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They may have a lot of power, a psychic wound they want to heal through hurting others, or a twisted sense of loyalty to their families.

These kinds of scary people could actually exist, and that makes them even scarier. Check out the slideshow and share the characters you think are worse then supernatural monsters!

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1. Hank Voight (Chicago PD)

Hank Voight (Chicago PD)
Voight is every anti-police protester's worst nightmare: a cop who abuses his power routinely and almost always gets away with it. If you're even suspected of a crime, you don't want to get anywhere near his. His ability to come out on top no matter what he does makes him far scarier than most supernatural monsters.

2. Lane Hunter (The Resident)

Lane Hunter (The Resident)
There is nothing more monstrous and evil than preying on seriously ill people who are dependent on you for help, and that is exactly what Lane Hunter does. As an oncologist, she gains the truth of cancer patients, but her real interest is in getting as much money as she can from insurance companies -- no matter what she has to do and no matter what ethical rules she has to break.

3. William Lewis (Law & Order: SVU)

William Lewis (Law & Order: SVU)
William Lewis' scariest quality was his ability to be normal when the situation called for it. This serial rapist and killer eluded capture for several days after kidnapping Benson, but at first no one but Rollins believed he was as evil as he was because of his nice-guy persona. His capacity for violence knew almost no bounds, and he ultimately set up his own suicide just to torment Benson for the rest of her life with the question of what she could have done differently.

4. Beth Dutton (Yellowstone)

Beth Dutton (Yellowstone)
Beth Dutton is both beautiful and unstable -- and she knows it. It's hard to tell if she really lacks a conscience or is just playing a part because she has to stay unpredictable to thrive as a woman in a world full of ultra-macho cowboys. Either way, her tendency to use sex to manipulate and completely destroy her father's rivals and their families, and the open question of whether her mother's death was an accident or something she caused on purpose make Beth as scary as any big-name monster.

5. Kate Roberts (Days of Our Lives)

Kate Roberts (Days of Our Lives)
Kate Roberts' kids would probably agree she's a monster, since she destroys their relationships with people she disapproves of -- which is anyone they date. She isn't above poisoning, blackmailing, or other serious crimes to get her way. Kate has little to no conscience and almost no one can get one over on her. Still, almost everything she does is out of a twisted sense of loyalty to her family and the thirst for revenge against anyone who hurts them. The combination of righteous anger and lack of boundaries makes her a horrifying, semi-realistic version of the evil stepmother or wicked witch found in fairy tales.

6. Annalise Keating (How to Get Away With Murder)

Annalise Keating (How to Get Away With Murder)
At first glance, Annalise Keating seems like one of those dragon-lady law professors who delights in scaring unprepared students, but a quick glimpse into her personal life reveals a more horrifying truth: she will do whatever it takes to protect herself and those she cares about. If someone goes too far, well, she has a whole slew of assistants who are willing to clean up her messes using any means necessary.

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