13 TV Characters Who Need to Bury the Hatchet

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7. Kevin and Miguel - This is Us

Kevin and Miguel - This is Us
Of the Big Three, Kevin is the one most resistant to Rebecca's marriage to Miguel, but what Kevin doesn't understand is that Miguel isn't trying to take Jack's place. Miguel has the utmost respect for Jack and his memory, and Kevin needs to put his animosity aside and give Miguel the chance he deserves. He makes Rebecca happy, and that should be enough for Kevin.

8. Arya and The Hound - Game of Thrones

Arya and The Hound - Game of Thrones
Arya can still keep her kill list, but she needs to take The Hound off it because he no longer deserves to be on it. There are bigger fish to fry, and The Hound has shown that he is more of an ally than a foe. If she can forgive her sister for all her wrongs, she should be able to forgive The Hound.

9. Oliver and Diggle - Arrow

Oliver and Diggle - Arrow
Technically, these two already kissed and made up during the Arrow Season 6 finale, but that doesn't mean it's going to last., especially since we know Oliver isn't going to stay in prison forever. If Diggle actually puts on the suit, he may be reluctant to take it off when Oliver finally gets out. Oliver and Diggle need to remember they are better friends than foes, and if they the testosterone aside, they can accomplish so much more as members of the same team.

10. Rick and Daryl - The Walking Dead

Rick and Daryl - The Walking Dead
It's inevitable that two strong-headed personalities are going to clash at some point. While the tension between Daryl and Rick is at a high point, these two need to realize that they've only lasted as long as they have because it's been a team effort. Their friendship is more important now than ever, especially knowing that Rick's time on this earth is coming to an end.

11. Toby and Michael - The Office

Toby and Michael - The Office
If The Office ever gets a reboot, this is a duo we'd like to see make amends. While their animosity made for many laughs, it was usually just a one-sided barrage of hate from Michael. If Michael actually tried to work with Toby instead of working against him, he might find out that Toby wasn't such a bad guy after all -- and actually might be able to make some changes to the "lame" HR department that would benefit everyone!

12. Gabi and Julie - Days of our Lives

Gabi and Julie - Days of our Lives
It doesn't matter that Julie's beloved Nick was an abusive jerk to Gabi and actually spent time in prison for what he did. All Julie can focus on is that Gabi shot him, choosing to ignore the fact that it was in self-defense. But ever since, Julie has made it her mission to target Gabi and make her life miserable. Julie needs to get over her hatred of Julie and move on to something new because quite frankly, we've had enough!

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