13 TV Characters Who Have Faded Into Oblivion

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Characters come and go all the time once they've lost their purpose, but what about those characters that are indefinitely kept around, even when they've all but disappeared into the background?

They're criminally underused, only sticking around to be important in an episode to further some main character's pain, like Thea is to Oliver on Arrow.

Some are written to be a plot device, while some just stay around because they may not have a story now, but there is a possibility for one in the future. Have any characters in mind? Here's our list.

1. Iris West - The Flash

Iris West - The Flash
Iris had more screen time on Earth-2 than the original. She's a badass reporter, who could prove to be a viable asset for Team Flash using her investigative journalism skills, but instead, she's used to further Joe or Barry's story? She's barely even had a scene with her newly discovered brother, Wally. Why can't Iris be a strong character on her own, and not just used as Barry's love interest?

2. Thea Queen - Arrow

Thea Queen - Arrow
Thea Queen has been shoved into the background since season one. She was used to further Oliver's manpain, Roy's, even her father Malcolm's. Who, by the way, brainwashed her and made her murder Sara Lance, a long time family friend. She watched her mother be murdered right in front of her. Somehow along the way, she became Speedy, after growing tired of all of the men taking advantage of her, but even the bloodlust she suffered from was used to further Oliver's story, instead of her own. When will Thea Queen get the story she rightfully deserves?

3. Mona Vanderwaal - Pretty Little Liars

Mona Vanderwaal - Pretty Little Liars
Remember when Mona had the potential to be truly crazy? She tormented the girls for years, but became their strongest ally when Charlotte took over the game, only to be shoved aside. She wasn't given a chance to redeem herself, even though the writers referred to her as the "fifth liar" and her knowledge was little in order to keep the mystery going. Mona had the chance to prove herself so many times, but the opportunity was never afforded to her, because of the girls' mistrust.

4. Isabelle Lightwood - Shadowhunters

Isabelle Lightwood - Shadowhunters
In the books, Izzy was a sassy hunter. Surprisingly, the show got her personality right. She's very comfortable with herself and her sexuality, and she can be a fierce competitor. Unfortunately, even her family writes her off. Izzy isn't as good as Alec, she's not as sophisticated, and her interactions with people that are considered "not pure" are frowned upon. Hopefully, when season two premieres, Izzy's glory as a shadowhunter will be explored, as well as her relationship with Simon, giving her some time to shine among her comrades.

5. Melinda May - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Melinda May - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Agent May is hailed by her collegues as "The Cavalry." Or she was. She was the best fighter on the team, only rivaled by Bobbi Morse, who is no longer on the show, but still, May does not get her own story. Her current story only peaks when it's related to her ex-husband, or putting Coulson in his place. Daisy has taken over as the skilled fighter because of her Inhuman powers, but who's the one that trained her?

6. Winn Schott - Supergirl

Winn Schott - Supergirl
Winn has the potential to be the Felicity Smoak of Team Supergirl. He's a skilled hacker, has a great sense of personality, and has a dark past with his father, "Toyman." But after the love triangle was written away and Kara dismissed Winn as anything more than a friend, he's all but vanished and his usefulness hasn't been explored. Could you imagine Winn as a DEO agent? He has the ability to do so much more than work as Cat Grant's personal programmer.

7. Connor Walsh - How To Get Away With Murder

Connor Walsh - How To Get Away With Murder
Connor's attitude has caused him to be excluded. Connor's awareness of Annalise's mistakes makes him dangerous to have around and he's not afraid to confront her, at least before she scares him and forces him to back off by threatening to frame him for all the murders they've committed. This rivalry between he and Annalise could add a new element to the show, but with the tension between Wes and Annalise, is there really room for Connor anymore? He could've left, but Oliver deleted his acceptance letter to a new college. What's he going to do now? Is Oliver going to take his place?

8. Matt Donovan - The Vampire Diaries

Matt Donovan - The Vampire Diaries
The token human kept around for nothing other than that. Matt Donovan lost his sister, his mother, his ex-girlfriend(s), and the last decent relationship he had was with Rebekah Mikaelson, which ended when she left for The Originals spin-off. What does he do other than obnoxiously survive death after seven seasons? Matt should've died years ago. It's quite unrealistic that a human has survived through that much in Mystic Falls. Matt hasn't had a story since season one, at least a decent one that helped him grow as a character. Maybe it's time for him to go for good if he can't get that.

9. Rebekah Mikaelson - The Originals

Rebekah Mikaelson - The Originals
Please come back, Claire Holt. Rebekah's time on The Originals has only been heartbreak and dying. When she comes back or returns from the dead, it's for an episode to further the bigger plot, and then she's staked in the chest again. She's suffered from so much heartbreak due to the hands of her family, Rebekah could be a great emotional instigator if Claire Holt ever chose to return permanently. Otherwise, the character is lacking at the hands of another actress.

10. Scarlett O'Connor - Nashville

Scarlett O'Connor - Nashville
Oh, Scarlett. Her entire story, including her recent musical success, has almost always revolved around Gunnar. She couldn't find success as a solo artist, she damn near lost her mind. Suddenly, with Gunnar, she's incredible and centered. Even her relationship with the hot doctor was destined to fail because she couldn't stop thinking about him. While her and Gunnar are an amazing pair, she doesn't even get scenes with her uncle anymore. Those stopped shortly after her mother's death, which hardly moved her.

11. Bash - Reign

Bash - Reign
Bash's time on Reign has almost come to an end. It's been revealed that after season three, Torrance Coombs will be leaving the show, and it's about time. Bash has been almost unbearably irrelevant to the story since season two. In season three, his mission has been to find a killer that haunts France and cuts his victims' hearts out, jarring them as a reminder. But once the entire castle becomes aware, the person to uncover the killer's identity is Catherine. Why is Bash even still around if his only story is going to be given to someone else?

12. Ray Palmer - Legends of Tomorrow

Ray Palmer - Legends of Tomorrow
Ray Palmer is The Atom! Ray Palmer keeps falling into these unfulfillable relationships. First with Felicity, now with Kendra. His engagement to Kendra is bound to end in a messy way, as she is literally fated to be with Carter, or whichever reincarnation she meets. He has the potential to be a great hero, as we saw in Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 13, where he finally grew as The Atom, instead of miniaturized.

13. Jennifer Jareau - Criminal Minds

Jennifer Jareau - Criminal Minds
Perhaps we still haven't forgiven the writers for writing JJ out in season six, but after she returned in season seven, her character wasn't special anymore. She was an agent, which was a long time coming, but she got lost among the other agents. JJ is the most family-oriented person on Criminal Minds, and her family is hardly ever explored. Now that Morgan is gone, will this gap in the team be used to further the agents' stories?

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