13 TV Couples That Get Away With Murder (And Other Crimes)

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7. Reggie & Veronica - Riverdale

Reggie & Veronica - Riverdale
After Veronica and Archie broke up, it's not hard to understand why she turned to Reggie for comfort. For most of season three, Reggie has been willing to do just about anything for her. Deeds he has committed to help Veronica out include smuggling alcohol, running unauthorized casino nights, and robbing his dad's car dealership.

8. Madalena & Gareth - Galavant

Madalena & Gareth - Galavant
At first, the queen who killed the king and the guy who was with the queen when she killed the king couldn't see eye-to-eye on anything. Then Madalena and Gareth bonded over their mutual love of violence, and soon thereafter these two lovebirds were planning an unprovoked war on the kingdom of Hortensia.

9. Asher & Bonnie - How To Get Away With Murder

Asher & Bonnie - How To Get Away With Murder
Asher and Bonnie were already broken up when he ran over ADA Sinclair. Even though their breakup was painful, it didn't stop Bonnie from coming to Asher's aid and doing everything in her power to cover up the crime.

10. Neal & Emma - Once Upon a Time

Neal & Emma - Once Upon a Time
Emma met Neal when they were stealing the same yellow VW bug. Over the next two years, they fell in love and robbed convenience stores together. They planned on living happily ever after until Pinnochio convinced Neal to leave and let Emma take the fall for the theft of stolen watches so she could get back to fulfilling her destiny.

11. Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa - Power Rangers

Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa - Power Rangers
Zedd banished Rita for failing to conquer Earth, but she returned and hatched a plan to marry and overthrow Zedd. What started as a sham marriage transformed into true love and an agreement to work together to defeat the Power Rangers. Rita and Zedd never achieved their goal, but they sure destroyed a lot of abandoned warehouses.

12. Elizabeth & Phillip - The Americans

Elizabeth & Phillip - The Americans
For these Soviet spies who eventually fell in love with each other while posing as a married American couple, blowing up a car is considered a quiet night.

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