13 TV Friendships That Should Turn Romantic

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A best friend is someone you could count on, a person(s) that is there for you and that matters so much to you. Now friendships don't always have to be explored in the romantic direction, but sometimes it is laying the foundation for something more.

This is especially important when you have two friends that can't keep their eyes off one another and that really don't know how to keep it platonic. 

And then you have the couples that are willfully blind to the fact that their perfect match could have been right next to them all along. 

Below is a slideshow of couples that need to consider taking things to the next level because they will only be happier for it. 

1. Bellamy and Clarke - The 100

Bellamy and Clarke - The 100
Where does one start with Bellamy and Clarke? More like how does one even end talking about these two. Bellamy and Clarke have a relationship that grows with every new season of The 100. Going from enemies to friends to partners, there is no one else these two trust like they do one another. They just work, which is why they even have a saying about being the head and the heart, essentially reminding us all how they fit together like puzzle pieces.

But then there is that little continuous and not at all subtle subtext with the way they look for one another when facing tough choices, the way they keep touching each other, and this general unspoken thing that radiates between the two of them. Bellamy and Clarke are the true definition of a friendship that is one hug away from being so much more, and it is exactly what the show has been leading up to all this time.

2. Rosa and Gina - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Rosa and Gina - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
These two are killing it season after season and while I am rooting for Rosa and Alycia, there is that friendship factor with Gina that I can't deny. They would be so badass together, something we shouldn't miss out on with a show as perfect as Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

3. Amy and Jonah - Superstore

Amy and Jonah - Superstore
You would think having sex and that being broadcast globally would mean an automatic romantic confirmation but who knows with these two. Jonah and Amy are in a weird space where they finally realized they are perfect for each other, but they also have to deal with that giant pregnancy bombshell.

It is safe to say though that the only direction for them to go now is forward.

4. Kara and Lena - Supergirl

Kara and Lena - Supergirl
Anyone with eyes can see that Kara and Lena have a friendship that always lingers a little too long in the romance department. If explored, this friendship could turn into something special and isn't that what they both deserve?

5. Ryn and Ben and Maddie - Siren

Ryn and Ben and Maddie - Siren
With Ryn appearing in Bristol Cove, Ben and Maddie both became kind of protective over her. This created a great friendship between the three, but no one can deny the constant sparks everyone in that group is avoiding. Trying to break it down into a duo just doesn't add up the way that it would if they all just got together already.

6. Raven and Emori - The 100

Raven and Emori - The 100
If the six year time jump taught us anything, it is that Raven and Emori are killing it as this new team on The 100. Raven taught Emori a lot of what she knew and in turn they became best friends.

Obviously Raven has this growing thing with not Zeke and Emori is still caught up in her relationship with Murphy, but they could always just run away together instead.

It is about time Raven's chemistry with any lady that crosses her path got explored, and Emori is the perfect choice after all that they have been through together.

7. Schneider and Penelope - One Day at a Time

Schneider and Penelope - One Day at a Time
Schneider and Penelope have a comfortable friendship and yet it feels like there is that potential for something more. In the recent season Schneider saw Penelope at her worst and it led to one of the best moments.

They understand each other even in their darkest moments and they support one another no matter what. Sometimes you just want a healthy and heartwarming relationship to make you believe in love again.

8. Zach and Alex - 13 Reasons Why

Zach and Alex - 13 Reasons Why
The second season of 13 Reasons Why had plenty of shocking twists and turns, but Zack and Alex had to be one of the more positive ones.

Their friendship grew a lot and it was a wonderful example of a dependable foundation between two guys. There isn't always much to pick from but Zach and Alex blew it out of the water. So them getting together romantically would make all these feelings even stronger.

9. Joyce and Hopper - Stranger Things

Joyce and Hopper - Stranger Things
Do I need to even say anything? Okay, Joyce and Hopper have had to handle this new darkness in Hawkins together from the very beginning, they count on each other like they can't with anyone else.

They are one of the few adults trying to protect these kids from something sinister, it wouldn't be so bad if they got some time to just relax and be with one another though.

10. Laurel and Michaela - How To Get Away With Murder

Laurel and Michaela - How To Get Away With Murder
These two kissed once and I will never forget it. But really, when will the people get what they want and have these two grow as more than just friends? They had their ups and downs, but the trust is always there.

11. Joan and Sherlock - Elementary

Joan and Sherlock - Elementary
Sherlock and Joan are partners in every sense except for romantic and it would be a shame if they weren't explored as a romantic couple. Their relationship is the center of the show and these two people just work well with one another, unlike anything else that was explored in their respective love lives.

Not only would it be a beautiful way to bring these two even closer, it would open the door for even more great story potential.

12. Tandy and Tyrone - Cloak and Dagger

Tandy and Tyrone - Cloak and Dagger
This may not have aired just yet, but even the small sneak peeks that we have had into the relationship between the two leads of the show has been promising. It isn't clear if they are meant to be anything but partners in cool crime, but it would be impossible to pass up on such chemistry.

13. Simon and Izzy - Shadowhunters

Simon and Izzy - Shadowhunters
Don't fight me on this, these two belong together and we all know it. It isn't just about the books, they share this connection and their relationship in that alternate world was everything a couple should be.

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