13 TV Groups That Give Us Serious Squad Goals

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We're all guilty of it.

We compare our friends to the ones on television and try to find the similarities. Sometimes we do and it's spot on. We've all got a friend who's a Charlotte...or a Samantha. 

Other times, it's not as easy to spot ourselves in friendships on TV and we end up envious of what we see on our screens.

Whether your group of friends is already on point, or they leave something to be desired, here are some of television's best groups of friends that will inspire your #SquadGoals.

1. The Pretty Little Liars

The Pretty Little Liars
Despite the fact that there's always someone out to get them, these ladies always have each other's back. With high-fashion, quick comebacks, and awesome detective skills, who wouldn't want their squad to be this fabulous? Live dangerously, like the liars!

2. The Gang from How I Met Your Mother

The Gang from How I Met Your Mother
Awesome friends? Check. Perfect booth at the bar? Check. Interventions when necessary? Check. The gang from How I Met Your Mother knew how to hang loose and stay tight. Friends who make you laugh and hug you when you're crying? Sign us up!

3. The Loftmates on New Girl

The Loftmates on New Girl
Jess and CeCe are lucky ladies. They managed to find the some super cool guys to shack up with. Nick, Winston, and Schmidt never fail to provide laughs and come through for the girls in a pinch. Plus, who wouldn't want to join the loft in a game of True American?

4. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Precinct

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Precinct
Co-workers who are also best friends? It shouldn't work. But this squad gives us all the feels when they roll in to save the day. Between Jake and Amy's romance, Hitchcock and Scully's bromance, and Terry's occasion freak-outs, there are goals all over the place in the Nine-Nine.

5. The Friends

The Friends
We all strive to be the Friends. Hanging out in a kick-ass NYC apartment, drinking coffee, telling jokes, and listening to each other's dating stories? Having friends like these would be perfection!

6. Gabbi, Sofia, and Yolanda on Young & Hungry

Gabbi, Sofia, and Yolanda on Young & Hungry
When Yolanda moved in across the hall, she, Gabbi and Sofia created a solid lady squad. They help each other with dating, disastrous hi-jinks, and desserts. We can only hope to find a group of besties to make us feel all the feels and bake up a chocolate cake for us too.

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