13 TV Love Stories Too Good to be True

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7. Penny and Leonard - The Big Bang Theory

Penny and Leonard - The Big Bang Theory
Penny and Leonard's story is like the one where the nerd gets the cheerleader. It just doesn't happen in the real world. Sure, opposites attract, but Penny has no depth and Leonard is just boring. It's cute on TV, but completely unrealistic.

8. Burnham and Tyler - Star Trek: Discovery

Burnham and Tyler - Star Trek: Discovery
Burnham is a successful and smart woman and while successful and smart women want love, they're more than likely not going to risk their careers to have it. Why throw it all away for a man -- especially a guy like Tyler who can't even be trusted? Nope. In the real world, Burnham would have had her fun and dumped this guy before it ever became a thing.

9. Jim and Pam - The Office

Jim and Pam - The Office
Who doesn't want to find their true love at the office? There's barely any work involved with it. Just show up for your day and there he or she is waiting to whisk you away to never-never land. While it might work in theory, it won't work in real life. Not only are most office romances banned for obvious reasons, but who wants to be with the one they love 24/7? Jim and Pam are great on TV, but in the real world, their romance would be nothing but a disaster.

10. Snow White and Charming - Once Upon a Time

Snow White and Charming - Once Upon a Time
Snow White and Charming are perfect for each other but no romance is as flawless as theirs. Plus, women who are constantly on the hunt for their prince charming will grow old and bitter when they find out he just doesn't exist in the real world. Sorry, but this romance truly is a fairy tale.

11. Betty and Jughead - Riverdale

Betty and Jughead - Riverdale
Getting together with your high school crush is everyone's fantasy, but it's still just a fantasy. Betty and Jughead are two people from different worlds whose paths probably wouldn't even cross if this was real life. Sure, it might happen but the odds are strongly against it.

12. Jay and Gloria - Modern Family

Jay and Gloria - Modern Family
Jay and Gloria's dynamic is one of the most interesting on television. Their romance might happen in the real world, but it wouldn't last long. Gloria is too strong-headed and beautiful for a guy like Jay no matter how kindhearted he is. She'd get bored with him lickety-split, and he'd never be able to constantly please such a demanding and vivacious woman. Sorry, folks, but this love story is pure fiction.

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