12 TV Romances That Really Sprung This Spring

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Relationship drama is one of the main reasons we tune into our favorite shows week after week.

We love to play "will they/won't they," and we love it even more when couples we've been rooting for finally get together.

We have couples just starting out, couples who are still going strong, and couples who never really got to be.

So which couples on TV were the cutest, sexiest, or most romantic this season?

Scroll through our picks and let us know if you agree!

1. Sara and Leonard - Legends of Tomorrow

Sara and Leonard - Legends of Tomorrow
Sara and Leonard had an interesting relationship over the course of the show, but their kiss in "evolved" Leonard's final moments was earned, well-written, and well-deserved.

2. Daisy and Lincoln - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Daisy and Lincoln - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Was never a big fan of Daisy and Lincoln together, but his sacrifice in the Season 3 Finale was shocking. Even while wounded and bleeding out, he made his way up to the Quinjet to prevent Daisy from sacrificing herself to take down Hive and took on the responsibility himself. He literally killed himself because of his love for Daisy, which he confessed for the first time in his final moments.

3. Rayna and Deacon - Nashville

Rayna and Deacon - Nashville
After everything Rayna and Deacon had been through, in the series finale, the duo put all of their struggles to the side and reunited as a married, whole family, with their daughters. They had their problems, but their love for each other overruled everything.

4. Kara and James - Supergirl

Kara and James - Supergirl
Kara and James shared their first kiss as he was under the influence of Myriad, but after Kara saved the day, they had their special moment in her kitchen. They locked lips once again, this time in full control of his mind. Which is good, because Kara nearly lost it when she thought she kissed him without his consent, because she is ALL about consent! It was about time these two admitted their feelings for one another, and thankfully it didn't happen while James was with Lucy.

5. Liza and Charles - Younger

Liza and Charles - Younger
After a season on Younger of Liza and Charles growing closer through conversation, the very words they live by, when Liza quit and he came for her to bring her back, it was more of the same. These two have something very special on a level only two people who share the same passions in life can share. They understand each other. They speak each others language. They've only had one kiss, and sure, it's hard to count out charm, excitement and sex appeal Josh brings to the table, but when they reunited, and he didn't understand her word play, Charles and Liza made all the more sense.

6. Jo and Scott - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Jo and Scott - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
Jo and Scott are both bad. They swear, sex it up when they want to, and were certain the other wasn't for them. Which is what made the audience know the exact oppositie was true. Scott had harboured deep feelings for Jo all along, and when he finally verbalized them, they were the words that make your knees wobbly, right out of your favorite romcom. And he wasn't just giving word service, either. By the end of the season, he had come to her rescue more than once. If these two are not something we explore in the renewed THREE SEASONS ahead, I'll be gutted.

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